November 4, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 44

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Sims for King County Executive
Sims for King County Executive
By Geroge Bakan - SGN Publisher

Ron Sims has received SEAMEC's highest rating and endorsement, as well as the endorsement of Equal Rights Washington.

For over 20 years, Ron Sims has championed issues important to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community. The determination to win equality and justice for all human beings, lies at the very core of who he is as a leader. Sims clearly understands and appreciates our struggles and he has stepped up as a leader and advocate.

In 1985, along with Cynthia Sullivan and SEAMEC, then County Councilmember Ron Sims successfully sued proponents of Referendum 7, a measure that would have overturned the county's ordinance barring discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment.

In 1992, Sims worked to ensure domestic partnership benefits for King County's LGBT employees and their families.

Throughout his career Ron has worked to expand HIV/AIDS programs and services.

In 1994, Ron Sims campaigned with us against Initiative's 608 and 610, two state-wide initiatives which sought to codify discrimination against Gays and Lesbians.

Also in 1997, Ron Sims campaigned in support of Initiative 677, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of Washington.

In 2003, King County Executive Sims proposed an ordinance requiring that contractors with the County provide benefits to domestic partners of their employees' equivalent with benefits provided to spouses of their employees.

In 2004, Executive Sims proposed adding gender-identity as a protected class to King County's Civil Rights Ordinance.

Ron Sims' support of marriage equality is unmatched. During his 1997 campaign for King County Executive, Sims publicly supported marriage rights for same-sex couples. In 2004, Sims invited an incredible group of Lesbian and Gay couples to sue him, and King County for denying them marriage licenses. Working strategically with us and within the law, Sims' action has forced the State's Supreme Court to examine the constitutionality of Washington State's DOMA. The ruling is pending and anticipated any day now.

Ron Sims understands the need for and supports the passage of the Cal Anderson / Ed Murray Non-Discrimination Bill in Olympia.

This paper knows well that our community demands a lot from our elected representatives. We should! The playing field is not yet level. Ron Sims has a long history of working on our behalf to level the playing field. He's a strong leader and he deserves the support of this community.

Be sure to vote for Ron Sims, King County Executive.

This editorial was written with input from SGN staff and community activists.

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