November 4, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 44

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Sex Talk by Simon Shepard
Speaking of the Outdoors
Ah, wilderness! Outdoor sex - whether under the sun, beneath the stars, or beside your neighbor's pool - calls to the wild animal within.

From the heights of the Alps to the deserts of Death Valley, dirty-minded dudes, be they mountain climbers or cowboys, love to feel the wind in their pubic hair. Whether it's beachfront humping on your Hawaiian honeymoon or a spontaneous bit of backyard fun, outdoor orgasm is within everyone's reach. "I was out hiking on the coast with my boyfriend," says one athletic fellow. "We stripped down to go for a swim, and suddenly there we were, having sex on the shore as waves crashed around us. It was so damn romantic! The only downside was the sand."

And then there are anything-goes Gay resorts where an afternoon around the pool can get very, very wet indeed. "One place I go has this big outdoor Jacuzzi, with a nice view of mountains," relates a queer traveler, "and I defy anyone to sit around in it with a bunch of other naked guys without getting horny."

For groups of guys, there's the penis-pleasing potential of the outdoor orgy, whether at a bear gathering or a Radical Faeries get-together, or just among a bunch of horny buddies. "Yes, group sex is fun indoors," says one gang-groping guy. "But on a warm night under the stars, preferably with a campfire burning nearby, it can be absolutely magical."

But you need not even be accompanied on your adventure. "I like solo backpacking," says one wilderness fan, "and there's nothing better than crawling into the tent, turning the lantern down, and getting myself off."

Porn is chockablock with alfresco fun - hiking, camping, or that hot afternoon in the barn. Not only does it lend a butch cachet to carnality, but outdoorsy nookie also strips away the trappings of civilization and gives reign to untamed desires. At least, most of it does. There's also urban outdoor sex - be it in a dark city park or a deserted doorway. That sort of erotic exploration generally has the threat of discovery hanging over it, which adds both a tantalizing tang of the forbidden and the chance of a nasty brush with the law...or the lawless.

On the downside, splendor in the grass can be uncomfortable, and if things get messy, it can be a long, long way to the shower. You can't just reach in your dresser drawer for a condom, and really unplanned disasters, from a thunderstorm to a curious skunk, might make even the horniest hiker long for the safety of four walls. Private poolside play can be perilous, too - even at night - so make sure you're screened from prying eyes, or that your neighbors are very tolerant. And it should go without saying that any sort of illegal activity carries a lot of risk, so do be careful out there.

Still, vulnerability can be part of the attraction. "I know it sounds corny," says our banging-on-the-beach boy, "but when you screw indoors, you really are kind of cut off from the rest of the world, and everything seems so planned. Sex outside just feels more natural to me. You're just out there, exposed and shameless."

If you'd like "natural" to be nicer, a bit of forethought helps. Rubbers tucked into your backpack and an air mattress stuffed into the trunk of your car can come in handy when the cock crows. And if you're packing fine wine for an alfresco lunch for two, you might want to add a bottle of lube to your basket; corks aren't the only things that get screwed.

Oh, and do watch out for poison ivy.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Sex Parties 101, Kinkorama, and In Deep: Erotic Stories, and can be reached at Visit Simon at

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