November 4, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 44

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the Music Lounge by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer
Diamond Nights lead singer Morgan Phelan divulges on partying in Seattle, welcoming Gay groupies and his all-time favorite records

Diamond Nights are hot to trot. They're an exciting new band from New York that play old school rock n' roll with an 80s twist. At least that's how I describe it. The open minded and totally cool quartet plays The Crocodile Café on Thursday night as a headlining act. For more information on the show, see this week's "Where It's At" column.

While in Europe, Diamond Nights lead singer Morgan Phelan checked in with the Seattle Gay News via email to brighten our day, and hopefully yours. Here's what he talked about when he stepped into "The Music Lounge".

Albert Rodriguez: Morgan, where the hell are you guys at right now?

Morgan Phalen: We're in Leeds, England on our first UK/ Euro tour. People here remind me of cute little birds.

Rodriguez: Did you enjoy your last trip to Seattle? What do you remember about this city?

Phalen: Last trip to Seattle was a blast. The 3 am pool party at the hotel with all the people we met at the club is a fond memory. I am surprised the hotel let us carry on in that fashion. The party moved up to a room later and was a towel toga, wet underwear party.

Rodriguez: Have you boys been misbehavin' since the last time I saw you? If so, how should you be punished?

Phalen: We've been misbehaving, but it seems that nature is punishing me for my misdeeds. I'm going to have to learn to balance the drugs, drinking and late nights, or I may end up sick forever.

Rodriguez: So, are we gonna blow the roof off The Crocodile Café' or what?!

Phalen: We will not be held responsible for the damage.

Rodriguez: Tell us what to expect from a Diamond Nights show, in your own words.

Phalen: We always bring the drums even when we forget the guitars. There is always a lot of sweating.

Rodriguez: How do you feel about gay groupies for Diamond Nights?

Phalen: I'm pumped.

Rodriguez: If a guy was going to come on to Diamond Nights, in a drunken state of course, which one of you would he probably have the most potential with?

Phalen: Would Diamond Nights be in the drunken state or the guy?

Rodriguez: I thought about hitching a ride to Portland from Seattle with you boys. What could I expect from hanging out in the Diamond Nights tour bus or van for several hours?

Phalen: A period of hibernation and deep recovery from the night before.

Rodriguez: Your album Popsicle sounds mighty fine. What's your favorite cut on the record?

Phalen: I like the song "Red Hex". I never hear people say they like it so maybe I love it like it's my handicapped little child. I would have said retarded child, but I don't know what the state of PC is these days.

Rodriguez: What song is the most fun to play live?

Phalen: I like to play "The Girl's Attractive" cuz it's easy and I never fuck it up. I mean rarely.

Rodriguez: Are there any Diamond Nights music videos on MTV2 or elsewhere?

Phalen: We just finished a video for "The Girl's Attractive" and some dude in Liverpool, England made a video for "Destination Diamonds" and brought it to the club we were playing. It has lots of tits and samurai swords and a cross-dresser in it. They'll both be on our website in a few weeks.

Rodriguez: I've turned several people onto Diamond Nights here in Seattle. Do I get a prize?

Phalen: Shit.....Tim is the guy who gives prizes.... He just bought a 2005 Cliff Richards Calendar.... We'll have to wrap it and present it at the Crocodile.

Rodriguez: What's the last piece of clothing you purchased for yourself?

Phalen: I just bought an all white windbreaker that I left in Leipzig, Germany. I haven't been able to sleep since.

Rodriguez: What was the first record you ever bought for yourself?

Phalen: First single was Ah Ha's "Take on Me" and first album was "Inna Gadda Da Vitta." Did I spell that right? I've been begging my parents to buy me music since I could crawl. Now I can buy it myself.

Rodriguez: Gimme your five favorite all-time records.

Phalen: 1-Donovan- A Gift from a Flower to a Garden, 2-Kool and the Gang- Emergency,

3- Thin Lizzy - Fighting, 4- Moondog -Rounds and Madrigals, 5-Steve Reich- Music for 18 Musicians (subject to change without notice)

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