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Dear George at the SGN
The dream of fairness and justice is one our community holds dear. In just the last 12 months, we have shared in the excitement, joy, and—at times—trepidation of seeing the LGBTQ community advance closer and closer to full equality.
Tomorrow, as we commemorate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we draw inspiration from the visionary leader who dared us all to look within our communities and within ourselves to challenge injustice and to work for peace.
Recognizing that at times we may feel quite alone, it is through the movement—through our community—that we find strength. Dr. King understood the importance of movement building, of bringing diverse populations together toward a shared goal. This is the work we must continue to build on.
In my first year of leading Pride Foundation as Executive Director, I’ve had the chance to witness first-hand how our family of community partners, scholars, donors, and volunteers are making transformative change. Daily I hear stories exemplifying how people are changing lives and building a brighter future by giving back.
We’ve seen incredible advances in LGBTQ equality in Pride Foundation’s 27 year history, but we know that there is much work ahead. We must continue to support new generations of youth. We must stand united with transgender members of our community and work for fair access to health care. We must support humane immigration policies.
There is great optimism in knowing that our movement is growing. I hope you can feel and see the tangible change taking shape. And, I hope you will take a moment on Martin Luther King Jr. Day—a day of reflection on how we ourselves can challenge injustice—to acknowledge the achievements of our community and to reflect on all the work that is still to come. Together, let’s dream of the future we want, and together, we will achieve it.

With Pride,
Kris Hermanns
Executive Director | | 1.800.735.7287 | Headquarters Mailing Address: 1122 E Pike St PMB 1001 | Seattle, WA 98122 US