Oct 7, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 40

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Rousing discussion, coffee and camaraderie make for a stimulating evening
Rousing discussion, coffee and camaraderie make for a stimulating evening
At Radical Women's open mic coffeehouse

By Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

I know I've been mad as the seventh level below hell (the one reserved for bus drivers who on purposely hit small, wild animals) every since I heard about the Katrina hurricane fiasco took over the airwaves, causing George Bush's ratings to finally plummet. And so it was with a definite glee that I joined other politically open-minded and awake folks last Saturday for the open mic/coffeehouse at Radical Women's headquarters at New Freeway Hall.

Among the many things discussed was the newly disclosed, but not widely circulated knowledge that the American Red Cross has ignored the needs of Pagan evacuees, and that the funds sent to the Red Cross have been largely mismanaged. Also brought to light was the connection many have made between the way the Bush administration made such slow progress in helping those made homeless by the hurricane and the fact that many of those people were poor and Black. This, of course started a lively and spirited discussion, which was punctuated by poetry related to the theme, and even musical offerings by a woman who has worked with Camp Sister Spirit in the past.

And best of all, by the time the evening was over, not only did all of us feel more resolved than ever to continue fighting for a better government, but we also didn't feel so alone in our anger and frustration over this horrific disaster. Plus an idea was put forth by a woman from Iran, who offered her story of being dismayed over the fact that there were no public, open spaces, or town squares for people to gather and discuss issues. She asked if even 10 or 20 people could just get together for lively talk, wherever, without asking permission of the police. Just do it, gather, discuss and act up. Sound familiar? It does to me and I think we should do it soon, before we don't have any freedoms left at all. See what comes from an evening at Radical Women? If you wan to join in the next lively chat, call 722-6057, or go to for upcoming events.

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October 15- 23, 2005

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