Oct 7, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 40

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Waiting will try your patience
Waiting will try your patience
By Derich Mantonela - SGN A&E Writer

Opens Friday, Everywhere

"Waiting," its raunchy TV ads guaranteeing a hefty opening-weekend box office haul, deserves to quickly sink in its own slime after that.

This is Lion's Gate's contribution to a growing line of gross-out film "comedies" dedicated to body-functions "humor," aimed at the lucrative junior high school boy market.

Curiously, "Waiting" also seems aimed at a Gay market as well - how else to explain its opening gambit, promising "full frontal male nudity"? And a hunky twenty-something main character who leeringly proclaims that he and his fellow male restaurant workers "do suck"? This, after pulling his shirt up over his nipples, revealing a sculpted torso to the young male restaurant working he is supposedly "training."

"Waiting" is a day and a night in the life of the staff of an Outback-style steak house, as seen through the astonished eyes of a young trainee. Recurring themes are the flashing of genitals at unsuspecting co-workers (more about that will follow), the insertion into customers' food of snot, piss, filth, etc., the lecherous advances of management upon staff, of staff upon staff, and so forth.

As for all that promised "Gay stuff" - "Waiting" proves to be all tease and no delivery. The "full frontal male nudity"? Forget it - there is none. The other teases? Hinted at, then no follow-through. Nobody seems to actually be Gay in "Waiting," but there is plenty of derogatory Gay-bashing humor sprinkled throughout the film. A friend who sat through the press screening with me complained about the film's "bait and switch" dishonesty. "I thought I was at least going to see some cock," he said. No such luck.

The salacious, gratuitous Gay-baiting-and-bashing extends even to "Waiting's" press kit, part of which is in the form of a colorful restaurant menu offering such tasty fare as: "Fudge Packin" Stack Of Flapjacks...$6.69 (Add $1.69 For A Side Of Our Sizzling Backdoor Bacon).

I'm torn between naming the creeps responsible for this sad, mean-spirited mess - the writers, the producers, and the director, and not doing so - why give them ANY publicity at all for their resumes?

Nor will I name any of the actors involved - they've already embarrassed themselves by appearing in this film. May they find better work ahead.

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