Oct 7, 2005
Volume 33
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Green Day pumps serious energy into the Tacoma Dome
Green Day pumps serious energy into the Tacoma Dome
By Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer

Green Day w/ Jimmy Eat World

September 26 @ the Tacoma Dome

There are two words that best describe a Green Day concert. Loud and spectacular.

The award-winning punk trio returned to the Northwest on September 26 for a roof-blowing performance at the Tacoma Dome in support of their multi-platinum release American Idiot.

Green Day began its 90-minute thrill ride with the title track from American Idiot, and then moved onto "Jesus of Suburbia" and the speedy-paced "Holiday". Deep inside the main floor pit, near the stage, concert-goers began jumping up and down fiercely. "Are We the Waiting" and "St. Jimmy" came next, as lead singer/guitarist Billy Joe Armstrong jogged from one end of the stage to the other to fire up the already exuberant audience. The sexy rock star, dressed in his usual all-black attire, also energized the crowd from a runway built onto the stage.

The Tacoma Dome show mirrored Green Day's performance at the Everett Events Center in December, with a few exceptions. There appeared to be more pyrotechnics this time around, and the band didn't sound as tight as their last area swing-through. Annoying was the group's excessive horseplay. It was fun and playful the first time, but a clock-ticking nuisance the second time. It was interesting, and yet uninteresting, listening to Green Day sing "Stand by Me". It was definitely an inappropriate addition to their punk portfolio.

Armstrong introduced "Longview" to fans as a song written about the Western Washington town they had played at early in their career. He also mentioned meeting Kurt Cobain in Olympia back in the days before Nirvana hit the jackpot. "Basketcase" and "King for a Day" were a pair of lively tunes that kept security guards busy with crowd surfers and wild mosh-pitters. Green Day closed its main set with a known familiar, "Minority, which welcomed a big sing-along.

For an encore, the trio whipped out a mesmerizing version of their mega single "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and a solid redoing of Queen's "We Are the Champions". An added encore brought the band back on stage for the sentimental "Good Riddance".

Green Day has been on the road for much of the past twelve months, touring across the country and throughout the world. They performed at February's Grammy Awards ceremony and at August's MTV VMA gala.

Opening act Jimmy Eat World did their part to get the crowd warmed up for the night's headliner. But their too-short performance in a giant venue didn't do them or last year's kick-butt album Futures justice. Still, the Arizona-based unit sounded terrific on "Pain", "Work" and "The Middle". The best part of Jimmy Eat World's set was a perfect rendition of "Get It Faster". To hear that song performed live was worth half the ticket price alone.

Jimmy Eat World was on and off stage so quickly that no one could really get into the group's performance. I truly hope they return to Seattle this winter or next spring because they are a must-see band in person, and I've just gotta' hear the songs off Futures once again live. The band's new music video for "Pain" was recently featured on the MTV2 series "Mods".

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