Sept 30, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 39

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Lipstick and Lust
Rita causes tension and all sorts of other stuff; making for another interesting Lipstick and Lust
The anniversary celebration comes to an end, but not really!

By Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Last Thursday and Friday will always be remembered by me as 'the days of great tension and worry', because I woke up Thursday morning to the NPR announcer talking about hurricane Rita on its way to Texas. Texas, where I grew up, and particularly Houston, where I came out, met my daughter's father (my ex now), and where the rest of my siblings still live.

So, of course my sleepy little brain immediately went into panic mode and I jumped out bed (or rather pushed my tired body into 'hurry' mode) and started calling to see how the family was.

Unfortunately the circuits were jammed, and all I could do was leave a message for my younger brother, and leave one for my older brother (who lives in Maryland), and wait to hear from them. But, as that saying goes, 'when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping", and I did and bought the loveliest eyeliner pencil from MAC (who is very supportive of AIDS causes), in the gorgeous shade of 'Prunella', and some shadow in 'FineShine' (the most delightful silver that I will wear the next time I go out!). I recommend both, because purple is the new black for Fall, according to Sephora's website and my newest Vogue magazine. So do try these to make your eyes look only too yummy.

I also tried the Keiko Mecheri fragrance my girlfriend tried the night we went out to P.F. Chang's (which I highly recommend!), 'Passiflora' and also 'Sanguine' by the same maker, which we picked up samples of at Nordstrom. Both are delicious and believe me, it can start very passionate nights, as we are living proof of, having gone back to her place and did some perfectly wicked things that all got started with some ideas I had earlier in the day.

And, if you want a fragrance that smells as interesting as its name, then try Thierry Mugler's 'Alien', which is elegant, sensuous and downright sexy, all at the same time. You can also pick this up at Nordstrom, but not from our fave salesperson, La Jennifer, because she's 'graduated' to some kind of high level marketing position for the store. Oh, I miss her so!

And finally, now that the weather is finally turning to that wonderfully cozy time of year that I like, where you can wear velvets and dark colors, you might want to think about taking better care of your skin. With that in mind, I do truly recommend several moisturizers that will keep you looking peachy all through the coming darker days. First, I will recommend all over again, the Yves Rocher line of facial moisturizers, particularly their Serum Vegetal and Force + series, which is especially good for older skin. You can order them online, or get a catalogue by going to And I recommend Juvena's 'Active Day' and 'Power Night', to keep skin looking good and heal harsh, environmental effects while you sleep. Add Yves Rocher's Serum Vegetal eye moisturizer and you will be protected from the weather and looking good.

Oh, and I did finally hear from my younger brother, who conveyed the message from my other siblings that everyone is fine, and as of last Saturday, everyone (except my youngest brother, who was staying over in Austin, Texas, just to be safe) was back home and doing fine. Whew, you cannot imagine how much calmer I felt and feel now. Goddess, this is your servant: no more hurricanes for a while, please? Thanks.

And now, for those who might be a little offended by this installment of 'I, Succubus' (there's a few non-pc words used by one of the characters in the first paragraph), you might want to go to another section of the paper, so you are not unduly troubled. For those of you who are more laissez-faire, read on and enjoy this 'episode' of 'I, Succubus'.

'A kike, a nigger and a spick&.' 'Hey, hey, hey, I have told you James that I don't like those terms and actually, I'm not in the mood for one of your 'jokes' at the moment,' Detective Gloriana Ortiz held her fingers in the air before her friend, to signify quotation marks, and then turned back to the road ahead of them. 'Fine. Look, I didn't mean anything by it, you know I'm not racist..'

Her partner, Detective James McChord droned on and she tuned him out, thinking about her last time out. Who or what was that she had seen in the alley. Her crotch started to tingle, thinking of the woman's lips on her, how she knew just the right pressure to apply and where and& 'Hey daydreamer, we just got a call, seems like some old guy saw some kids near that old warehouse in the Central Area. You up for checking it out?' She pulled herself back to present reality, feeling adrenaline surge through her. 'Yeah, let's go,' Billie watched with mild interest as the four young. Black men stood over the younger woman, who was softly sobbing into the floor where she lay at their feet. She'd been watching since they brought her here, watching them work up their nerve to do more than slap her a few times and attempt to violate her.

The girl had held her own, kicking one of them in the most sensitive area, and biting another. That made the group get more violent, and the beating the girl endured made Billie both more interested and heightened her hunger, which now burned in her like a raging fire storm. She had no feeling for any of them, other than as food, but she did feel something special for the girl, who still managed to hold on to some of her dignity, even as she must be in pain from the blows and kicks she'd endured. 'I think it's time we taught this bitch who's boss, donchu man?' 'Yeah, an' I'm first'. The sounds of zippers unzipping, then another sound, one that Billie recognizes and her inhuman heart pounded, much more than interested.

The sound of a siren, a door slamming, feet running and static from a bullhorn. 'Stop, put your hands in the air, all of you, now!' Then she saw her, the detective from the night before, who ran to the girl, even as her partner, a heavyset white man cuffed each of the young men and herded them out of the warehouse. But before they left, one of the men ran yelling for some others, who must have been out of sight before. 'Damn. We need back up, I repeat, we need back up&' she gave the address into her com radio and then knelt over the girl. Meanwhile, Billie had already cornered the runner and now stood close to him, her hunger at full pitch. 'You took from her and now I take from you," With that she kissed the young man, who melted into her arms, getting hard in his pants just before he died, and she let him fall to the ground.

Then she went for the Latina detective, who was comforting the girl as best she could. 'Let me, I'm better at this than you'll ever be&' Billie pushed Gloriana out of the way , and pulled the girl into her strong embrace. 'You are so beautiful, and I will give you joy to forget what happened here tonight,' and with that she kissed the girl deeply, feeling the soft breasts and lips yield to her touch. Then she let the girl back down to the warehouse floor as gently as if she were not the hellish creature she was. 'Again we meet, and again, there is no time, but someday, my delicious one, I will give you what I know you seek, but for now&' In one motion, she pulled Gloriana up from the floor, and guided/pushed her against one of the graffiti stained walls of the old warehouse.

Her cold fingers slid under the woman's blouse, found her breasts in the lacy bra, squeezed, making Gloriana moan and grind against Billie's unmoving body. 'Yes, yes, take what you need from me, take your deepest pleasure&.' Gloriana's hands grasped Billie's bald head, drew her lips closer and this time the kiss was much more satisfying, and more lasting. She was nearing that no turning back place, moving her hands down to Billie's round hips and grinding her pelvis against Billie, feeling wetness soaking her panties, and feeling that heartbeat contraction of her inner muscles that announced her approaching orgasm. Her partner stood for a long time, open-mouthed and staring as his partner, Detective Ortiz, a woman he not only secretly desired, but also somewhat feared, bucking and tossing her shoulder-length hair in the throes of unbridled orgasm with the most desirable Black woman he'd ever seen.

Billie opened her eyes, as she kissed Gloriana's neck and squeezed the detective's breasts one last time, then returned the urgent kiss Gloriana gave her as her orgasm subsided. 'Another time, another time&.' Billie's voice floated on the cool, night air, along with her laughter, which made the hair rise on the back of Detective McChord's neck as he finally moved to join his partner, who slumped against the wall, her eyes still closed. And though they didn't talk as they drove the girl to the hospital and as they drove around searching for the other suspects, both of them knew, this secret between them would be trouble in coming days.

So, there you are. And do e-mail me your thoughts, rants, whatever, to But no spam, please, I do not need cialis, viagra or any other 'cheap pharmaceuticals' of any kind. Also, Christal and Linda, I'm sorry that your races were not more successful, but don't stop trying, ever, and to the girls at Palomino, here's lookin's and lustin' at ya babes!

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