Sept 30, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 39

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Dear SGN,

A few days ago I went in search for an article regarding the closing and final evening of our beloved Timberline, which closed Sunday, September 11th. I would have done it sooner but, like many of my colleagues, went into a sad and somber disposition. I was pleased finding [Albert] Rodriguez commentary in your Music Lounge section of the SGN entitled Timberline goes out with a bang. Although, at first glance, I felt as though I was reading the wrong article. I thought I was reading about Mr. Rodriguez eventful night at the Bath House instead. Missing from his report was everything that was really important.

[Albert] Rodriguez (AR) completely missed the boat being so absorbed in his warped, sex-crazed and perverted mind! His accounts of September 11th at the Timberline were filled with sexual innuendos, smut and trash! This was trash reporting at its best! His ill-fated commentary for the most part WAS ALL ABOUT HIM and his sick and demented sexual proclivities! It was nothing less from being cheap and horrible! AR needs to check himself into Bette Ford for rehab. He claims he was so hammered by 11:30 and the bar lines were bizz-ee. Apparently he kept the lines busy himself, getting ridiculously bombed and went into hormonal arrest, missing out on the true essence and theme of a fabulous farewell party. AR must have rushed home in his stupor and wrote his trashy account. There were lots of guys with their shirts off; six packs; there were make out sessions; a bunch of Lesbos in bras; he found himself staring at an Asian mashing with a short blond boy; how sexually liberating the atmosphere was; so many Gay boys under one roof ...STOP! Girl, you need a reality check! See a therapist or GET LAID!

AR infers he is a leading authority on giving blow-job tips like the ones he laid on his friend to pass along to his girlfriend. Do we really care? Does this have any bearing on this eventful night? AR does not realize how much he validates all the incorrectness and injustice by Right-Wing zealots and radicals. WE ARE ALL NOT SEXUAL DEVIANTS! Enough! Had AR refrained from getting so inebriated, he may have learned what this night meant to so many of Timber lines ongoing members. AR knew nothing and failed miserably in gathering information.

It was apparent there were many party crashers in attendance. However, only the long-term regulars seemed to acknowledge the many small gatherings and groups that hung together in support of each other. We knew who we were on Sunday. Adding humor to what was a sad farewell hung a sign reading Counseling/Aid Triage... se habla espanol.: The many pockets of friends lends Truth to the meaning in the song We Are Family. Dancers would holler and jeer at the onset of this song, naming that tune within two notes while singing along, smiling at you, even if they didnt know you.

Sunday after Sunday, wed meet getting Lost In Music, donning our Boogey Shoes as we all Pumped Up The Jam, feeling Mighty High because that was the way we liked it. We loved our (Sunday) NightLife and shared the commonality of Good Times. Togetherness. It was Love Disco Style that made you feel Mighty Real and the woes of the week were forgotten, turning The Beat Around.

The Timberline served as a place that full filled our in ate sense to belong. This was where we came to be ourselves and we were proud singing along to I am What I Am and feel we were at best, The Greatest Dancer. A wonderful experience. As owners Jim and Jeff put it what Timberline stood for, and that is community, togetherness, giving back to the community, and of ones self. Kudos to both of them for giving us the opportunity to give back as well via the many fund-raisers and special parties. We line-danced, two-stepped, shook our groove, got down, freaked, rocked it and we Jumped To It! Thanks ever SO much, guys! Our World Is Empty Without You

Closing night, September 11th will always be remembered. Just to feel the enormous energy as the DJ played Last Dance and seeing people hugging and crying was truly a moment in time. As they crowd dwindled down, I personally began to come to my senses as I faced reality head-on. It was time to let go and I donned proudly my black veil and hat I wore as a symbol of grace and gratitude. Although, viewed as just another f*&^% Queen, I did so in honor and in tribute to ALL.

In closing, I sincerely hope I have set the record straight and that I have given my fellow colleagues a more soothing closure as they each mourn the loss of a good friend, the Timberline. Closing door, Open Door. I also hope this local Gay community paper looks into improving the quality of reporting being done. The First Amendment gives us the right to free speech, however, RAG AND TRASH reporting is NOT tolerated by a community that has brilliantly come so far, shedding blood and tears as we still work together to overcome enormous prejudice. PEACE BE WITH YOU.


Antonio Cordova


[Editers Note: The following is a response from Senator Patty Murray to a letter from Bob Riopelle, an SGN reader, about President George W. Bushs decision to suspend Davis-Bacon wage requirements in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and the two southernmost counties in Florida]

Dear Mr. Riopelle:

Thank you for contacting me about Davis-Bacon wage protections for workers in their efforts to rebuild the Gulf Coast. I appreciate hearing from you.

As you know, following the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina on Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, President Bush suspended Davis-Bacon wage requirements in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and the two southernmost counties in Florida. Since 1931 the Davis-Bacon Act has required that workers receive local prevailing wages on federally funded construction contracts. I strongly support restoring Davis-Bacon wage protections for workers assisting in the Gulf Coast recovery efforts. That is why I am an original cosponsor of S. 1749, the Fair Wages for Hurricane Katrina Recovery Workers Act which would restore Davis-Bacon wage protections for workers involved in the restoration of the Gulf Coast.

Americas relief and construction workers are confronting tremendous risks in hazardous conditions to rebuild the Gulf region. Restoring Davis-Bacon wage protections is critical to ensuring that workers receive a decent wage for their work in the Gulf Coast. And it is a critical element in rebuilding the economy of the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. As the Ranking Member of the Senate Employment and Workplace Safety Subcommittee, I will continue to work to protect the wages and benefits of all Americans so they too can share in the American dream.

Again, thank you for contacting me on this important issue. Please do not hesitate to call on me in the future.


Patty Murray

United States Senator

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