Sept 30, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 39

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Where It's At
Franz Ferdinand boogieing down two nights at the Paramount Theatre; Tracy Chapman brings new tour and music to Seattle
By Albert Rodriguez and Richard Kennedy - SGN A & E Writers


Saturday and Sunday, October 1-2 - 7:30 pm. Paramount Theatre - Tix through Ticketmaster / $30

Have I mentioned a band to you by the name of Franz Ferdinand? Okay, so we love them here at the Seattle Gay News and we've given them a lot of coverage in the last eighteen months. But it's only because they're such a great fucking rock group! The Scottish quartet, comprised of lead singer/guitarist Alex Kapranos, guitarist Nick McCarthy, drummer Paul Thompson and bassist Bob Hardy, bounced on the music scene in spring 2004 with a self-titled album that exploded from the minute media critics and alternative radio station listeners heard it. The recording, which topped SGN's "Best Albums/CDs of 2004" list, includes the hit singles "Michael", "Darts of Pleasure" and "Take Me Out" (SGN's Single/Track of the Year, 2004). "Michael" is about a straight guy checking out some Gay tail on the dance floor.

The band's new album You Could Have It So Much Better dashes into record stores this Tuesday, October 4. From someone who's already listened to it, I can tell you that it's a solid follow-up to last year's effort and a CD you definitely want to own. It's less dance-y and edgier, but the catchy guitar riffs and playful lyrics are still there. The first released single, "You're the Reason I'm Leaving", has been well received by listeners of Seattle radio station The End (107.7 FM). Other cool cuts off the album are the disco-ish "Outsiders", the Beatlesesque "Eleanor Put Your Boots On" and the high-fueled numbers "I'm Your Villain", "The Fallen" and "Evil and a Heathen".

Franz Ferdinand, who sold out three performances in Seattle last year, return for a two-night stand at The Paramount Theatre on Saturday and Sunday nights. These will be two kick-ass, very energetic shows that you've just gotta see if you're into the latest, hippest music out there. Expect lots of dancing, lots of bouncing up and down, lots of good sounding tunes and plenty of cute boys and girls having a great time. Franz Ferdinand will introduce songs from You Could Have It So Much Better will do known favorites, like "Take Me Out", "Come on Home" and "Jacqueline". Opening for Franz Ferdinand both nights is TV on the Radio, winners of 2004's Shortlist Music Prize. Support our Gay clubs and bars on your way to and from the concert. - A. Rodriguez

Pre-concert CD recommendation: Franz Ferdinand featuring "Take Me Out", "Michael", "Come on Home" and "Jacqueline".


Wednesday, October 5 - 8:00 pm Paramount Theatre - Tix through Ticketmaster / $35 and $45

Tracy Chapman brings her new US tour to Seattle this week. The Grammy winning singer-songwriter, known for her soulful vibes and deep-felt songs is back in the music fold with this tour and new album Where You Live.

Chapman was raised in a working class environment in Cleveland, Ohio. She learned to play the guitar as a child and began to write her own songs shortly afterward. After high school, she attended a university where she studied anthropology and African studies. During this time she also became very interested in folk-rock singer-songwriters and began performing her own music at coffeehouses. She eventually recorded demos there, had a friend help her get some management and was later signed to Elektra Records in 1987. The resulting debut album, Tracy Chapman, was released in 1988 to enthusiastic reviews. She toured as an opener for 10,000 Maniacs and played at the internationally televised Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday party. Her performance of "Fast Car" was given huge exposure from this and it began climbing the charts, peaking at number 6. More importantly, the album's sales soared from the hit single, finally becoming multi-platinum by the following year. To top all of this new success, she won four Grammys the year after, including Best New Artist.

Unfortunately, the ever-evolving pop music scene wasn't as accepting of her second, more darker and political album, Crossroads. Again, it was well reviewed, but it peaked low on the charts and quickly fell away with no hit singles. The same happened with her third album in 1992 and it seemed Chapman was destined to hide away into cult status. In 1996, she released a bluesy single called "Give Me One Reason" that caught on and gave her a quiet and successful comeback. The track came from New Beginning, which shot into the top ten as a result.

Now, with the release of Where You Live, Chapman continues on the strong-willed path that has made her one of the world's most acclaimed singer-songwriters. She says that recording this album has been one of the best experiences she has had in a studio. Chapman is sure to bring that energy with her to the Paramount Theatre on Wednesday. - R. Kennedy

Pre-concert CD recommendations: Where You Live featuring "Talk To You" and "Never Yours." Also, try Tracy Chapman featuring "Fast Car" and "Talkin' Bout a Revolution."
Franz Ferdinand
Tracy Chapman

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