A Dyke About Town - Music and movement with Mercy
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A Dyke About Town - Music and movement with Mercy
by Mercy Moosemuzzle - SGN Contributing Writer

Carolyn Gage Plays
Mercy corresponds with Lesbian playwright Carolyn Gage, whose work she admires a lot. Gage's play The Second Coming of Joan of Arc, which is a Lamdba Award finalist, was dropped from the Amazon searchable database because of the glitch you've heard about. The book has been reinstated and Amazon has apologized. Gage feels there is still danger the same thing could happen again. She suggests contacting Amazon and asking them what their adult content policy is and how authors are notified if their books are being filtered by it so they can protest the classification. Ask them to apologize for targeting books with Gay content and promise not to do it again.

Gage also has a charming musical about Babe Didrickson, Babe, An Olympic Musical, on youtube. Check out "Let the Boys Lead the Dance," for example, at www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-bNH95H-us.

Krystian Zimerman
Mercy and Cuteness were very enthusiastic about Krystian Zimerman's performance at the UW President's Piano Series. The personable Zimerman said we don't know what the composers' views of their historical situations were. He offered an improvisation at the end of Bach's Partita No. 2 in C Minor that was what he thought Bach would have done in honor of the Obama administration, if he were alive today. It was a very joyful few notes. The Bach was Mercy's favorite of the pieces. Zimerman's performance of Beethoven's Sonata No. 32 in C Minor was also extremely skillful.

Zimerman substituted in a piece by Grazyna Bacewicz, saying she had to deal with many challenges as a woman. The final piece, Variations on a Polish Theme by Karol Szymankowski, led Deliberation Nonce to say he could have done with half the contemporary Polish pieces in the program. Cuteness felt the last one was excitingly rhythmic. Looking at the program notes, Cuteness noted that Zimerman also makes pianos and tours with one of his own creations. She thought that might present difficulties. The audience gave Zimerman a long standing ovation. He didn't do an encore, which made Mercy concerned that he might not be feeling well.

Ballet Preljocaj
Mercy and Cuteness enjoyed Ballet Preljocaj at the UW World Dance Series very much. The program credits choreography by Angelin Preljocal and "chaosgraphy" by Fabrice Hyber. The dances to Vivaldi's Four Seasons had some unexpected turns, as they would have to do to get away with using music that was so familiar. Cuteness thought the group's playfulness was reminiscent of Pilobolus or Momix. She noted that there was a tenderness in the interactions that was delightful to watch.

Mercy was puzzled by the opening sequence before the music started in which the dancers appeared to be in monk's robes, which they took off to reveal their naked bodies. She thinks it might have represented a meditative and creative place the elements were before the seasons started. A lithe dancer in a plastic bear costume made Mercy smile. Cuteness liked the dance of a woman who flirted with a man painted green. When she said, "I want to marry you, Greenie," the man ran away. Cuteness says even aliens have commitment phobia.

Men's and Woman's Chorus Documentary
Mercy congratulates Flying House Productions for being nominated for an Emmy for their documentary film, This Land Is Our Land: A Chorus Tour of the Rocky Mountain States, featuring Seattle Men's Chorus and Seattle Women's Chorus, in the Best Documentary-Topical Category, and the Outstanding Reporting/ Talent Category. The film follows the summer tour the group did through the red states, bringing Gay and Lesbian music to some very conservative locations.

Coming up:
Mercy is looking forward to Girls Night, the musical, at the Moore Theater (www.themoore.com) May 1 and 2; the Rainbow City Band auction and dance May 2 (rainbowcityband.com); and the Met's broadcast of La Cenerentola,(Cinderella)May 9

Diane Schuur is coming to Jazz Alley, May 7 to 10 (www.jazzalley.com). Mercy has been a fan of Deedles ever since hearing her with the Men's Chorus years ago. She is a fantastic, two-time Grammy-winning singer with a warm manner.

Dos Fallopia: Deja Poo, Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt's reprise of their classic screamingly funny sketches, will be at the Theater Off Jackson May 14-17 (www.theatreoffjackson.org). Deja Poo is defined as "that undeniably eerie feeling that you've seen this crap before." If you loved it before, you will love it again. These shows sell out, so order your tickets soon.