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Wednesday, Aug 04, 2021
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A Dyke About Town: Mercy, Equality and Cuteness on the town
A Dyke About Town: Mercy, Equality and Cuteness on the town
by Mercy Moosemuzzle - SGN Contributing Writer

Mose Allison
Cuteness and Mercy enjoyed Mose Allison's show at Jazz Alley a lot. Phil Sparks joined Mose with a wonderfully funky bass. Milo Peterson's drums were tight. The dykes about town liked how in synch the band was. The group communicated with each other. Cuteness was curious about the singer's accent as he told the band what numbers to play with code such as "29." Mercy's research revealed that it must be a combination of Mississippi Delta and Long Island.

Mercy thought Mose must have recognized her, because he sang, "Everybody's Crying Mercy, But They Don't Know the Meaning of the Word." She knows that is true. Allison's "When I Get to My City Home" made the two women smile, as did "Your Molecular Structure." "Ever Since the World Ended" and "Certified Senior Citizen" had Allison's wry humor. His "Ever Since I Stole the Blues" was nicely autobiographical.

He gave a funny turn to Jimmy Buffet's "You Call It Jogging (I call it fooling around.)" Duke Ellington and Bill Russell's "Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me" swung nicely in Mose's hands. Allison's interpretation of Jimmy Davis and Charles Mitchell's "You Are My Sunshine" was nice and bluesy. Cuteness remembers singing the lyrics of this on to her daughter, Equality, and having the child point out that it is a sad song, even though many renditions are upbeat.

Mercy and Cuteness clapped their hands off, when the evening ended. The audience clearly shared their delight.

End Days
Mercy, Cuteness and Equality were delighted by the Seattle Public Theater's (SPT) production of End Days at the Bathhouse. Deborah Zoe Lauffer's script was full of dark humor. It follows conflicts in the Stein family over mother Sylvia's belief that the end of the world is coming. Heather Hawkins is convincing in this role. Evan Whitfield has a nice turn as Jesus, who only she can see. Carolyn Marie Monroe is fun as Sylvia's goth agnostic daughter Rachel. Anthony Duckett is strong as Rachel's Elvis-impersonating romantic pursuer with a passion for Steven Hawking. Keith Dahlgren is good as Rachel's father, Arthur, who has been a bit checked out, but is coming around. The family members move to peace with each other.

Director Carol Roscoe's pacing and details are just right for the contemporary madcap comedy. Equality liked the youthfulness of the story. Cuteness says she thinks the smaller theaters like SPT have a tendency to have more life in them, because they don't take their success for granted. This was a good example of that.

MaryLee Lykes
When Mercy and Cuteness went to last week's foxtrot and swing lesson, they found they were learning the dances better. Teacher MaryLee was also reminiscing about the days when she and Hallie Kuperman used to call themselves The Swing Girls. Two straight men who teach in the group Waltz Etc started calling themselves The Waltz Boys in honor of MaryLee and Hallie. MaryLee also reminded us that she officiates at weddings, and loves to do same sex ones. Her website is at

Alki Beach Boat House Valentine's Day Dance
Mercy and Cuteness enjoyed the Valentine's Day Dance Bobbie Smith's Events 4 U put on. DJ Traci Birkett managed to satisfy both Mercy and Cuteness by playing a lot of classics and some contemporary music. She kept the dance floor full. The food was good. The view was beautiful. The gathering of old friends was satisfying.

Funny Girlz
Mercy heard that Lisa Koch is going to be hosting two outrageous Lesbian comics at the Triple Door (, March 1: Michele Balan and Jennie McNulty.

Michele is a Last Comic Standing finalist from New York (she was the last one standing). Michele describes her comedy this way: "If George Burns and Joan Rivers had a love child, it would be Michele Balan!"

Jennie is from LA and has a special on LOGO (she also plays on a women's professional football team). Jennie says, "I attended the University of Michigan for 7 1/2 years and now I'm doing comedy. I don't think you should have to pay for your student loans if you're not usin' 'em."

Come check this entertaining show out.

The L-Word
Mercy and Cuteness have been getting more and more wrapped up in The L-Word. Cuteness thinks it is funny that people criticize the show for being unrealistic because the women are so beautiful. She knows there are a lot of beautiful dykes in real life, too.

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