Why I zapped EQCA's leader Geoff Kors
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Why I zapped EQCA's leader Geoff Kors
by Michael Petrelis - Special to the SGN

Five weeks ago this week, the Gay community and our allies watched $45 million dollars go down the toilet as the CA voters approved passage of Prop 8, stripping away the right of Gays to marry. Since then, there's been no real accountability from the big sissy who was a key architect of the closeted No on 8 campaign, the executive director of Equality California, Geoff Kors.

On Tuesday night, I decided to deliver a small dose of accountability, so I went to the board of supervisors meeting. Public comment happened around 5:30 p.m., the same time as a ceremony celebrating the installation of the Tree of Hope in the rotunda.

I used my two minutes of public comment to remind the supes, especially the Gay ones, that we've not had any town hall meetings in San Francisco with the leaders of the No on 8 campaign. I complained that $45 million was a lot of money, particularly in this lousy economy, and that such an amount could have housed, fed and clothed every homeless Gay runaway now living on the streets of CA's city, and provided decade-long housing subsidies to Gay seniors. With my remaining time, I called for the firing of Kors because of his incompetence.

Halloween is over, but I am damn frightened knowing Kors is positioned to be the leader of any Gay ballot prop in 2010.

Afterwards I went to the first floor, where a throng of at least 200 people were listening to a boys choir sing songs of the season from the middle steps of the grand staircase. I took out my sign and camera and waited for Kors to speak. He was one of the honored guests speaking at the dedication of the Tree of Hope. Why he gets any honor after his abysmal failure on Prop 8 and his inability to hold a single public meeting with the community about his errors is beyond me.

Who should be a few feet behind but none other than Kors, with a male companion. I flashed my sign at Kors, who smiled weakly at the message: "Kors: You're Fired!"

I told Kors he was fired and that the community was owed a few answers about his role in the campaign. He mumbled, and I'm paraphrasing here, "Yeah, right." Needless to say he and his companion were very dismissive of my accountability concerns. So I snapped a few pics, then turned away from Kors and got closer to the staircase and the singing boys. A leader of the Rainbow World Fund, the sponsor of the City Hall holiday tree, saw my sign and asked if I would leave since this was not the time or place for such a zap.

A few moments later, at the behest of the A-Gays, about four of them, who were surrounding Kors, a sheriff approached me. He wanted to take me aside to talk to me. I declined his "request" and said I was simply listening to the music, that there was nothing wrong with me holding my sign.

The sheriff asked for my ID, which I didn't provide to him since I wasn't doing anything wrong. He again requested that I talk to him away from the chorus, and I informed him I was leaving the building because I didn't like his attitude. It's a sad day for free speech in San Francisco when a fag can't stand in City Hall and demand that a sissy be fired!

I walked past Kors and the A-Gays, said we might one day have accountability for the No on 8 disaster, and proceeded out onto Polk Street, where I unlocked my bike and rode home.

Some might say I was the skunk at the garden party tonight, and I can't change their thinking. I can only stand up for what I believe is as needed today as it was on November 4: real accountability from the CA Gay leader who squandered $45 million Gay community dollars.

Is there any other minority that could lose a civil rights ballot proposition, keep their brothers and sisters invisible during the campaign, spend $45 million on losing campaign during economic hard times - and allow the community elders responsible for the debacle to escape all public forums and accountability?

If there is, let me know who else but Gay people would tolerate such inept leadership.