The Killers simply Deck-adent at holiday bash
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The Killers simply Deck-adent at holiday bash
by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A&E Writer

The Killers
Tuesday, December 9
WaMu Theater

Rock star brats The Killers were in jolly good spirits Tuesday night when they headlined The End's "Deck the Hall Ball" to a packed house at WaMu Theater. Denying photographers license to shoot any portion of their hour-long performance didn't sit well with media representatives, especially those who'd encountered a similar experience two years ago when the band only allowed shutterbugs to take photos from the sound booth an entire half-floor's length from the stage.

Is it Brandon Flowers being high-maintenance? Maybe. Is it the Las Vegas foursome's egos expanding to superstar heights? Perhaps. Most importantly, does this irregular activity affect their live delivery? Absolutely not.

The award-winning foursome leapt onstage promptly just before 10 o'clock and opened with "Human," the newest single from their freshly released Day & Age album. Dressed in all black, except for a strange-looking jacket with feathers poking out at the shoulder blades, Flowers positioned himself early on as the attention grabber - whether it's strutting (yes, he struts) from side to side, pulling down on his adorable vest, or throwing karate chops into his dance moves, he's the centerpiece of this well-known quartet.

"For Reasons Unknown" was next on The Killers' set list, which lent to a better overall concert than 2007's Virgin Festival appearance when the group omitted some of its biggest hits from the song roster. Their most popular single "Somebody Told Me" slid in third from the top and roused an already hyper audience. "Losing Touch," the kick-off track from Day & Age, sounded great despite an unforgivably bad sound system that plagued other bands preceding the Killers at this radio station holiday party.

Backed by a tropical desert stage set, complete with large plants and a lighted cactus, The Killers continued with a terrific mix of old and new favorites, such as "Joy Ride," "Bones," and "Read My Mind." Collectively, Flowers, Dave Keuning (guitar), Mark Stoermer (bass), and Ronnie Vannuci (drums) were on point Tuesday - they sounded amazing, looked hot, and appeared to be enjoying the madness and fun of this year-end jingly event. Vannuci even slipped on an "I heart Seattle" T-shirt thrown onstage by a fan.

The home stretch of The Killers' performance featured mostly songs from the unit's smash debut Hot Fuss, including "Smile Like You Mean It," "All These Things That I've Done," and "Mr. Brightside." People around me bounced furiously during all three of these numbers, and I did the same to a surprise entry on the lineup, "Jenny Was a Friend of Mine." Their set climaxed with the dreamy "Neon Tiger," and though the exuberant crowd shouted and cheered for an encore, they got none.

Just before going onstage, I stood 10 feet away from the band and saw Flowers pacing in small circles as he prepared for the concert and also witnessed how gigantically tall Stoermer is in person, like a telephone pole. Sexy and interesting, they're definitely an eyeful.

Much can be said about The Killers' rise to fame, particularly their need to distance themselves from media, but when it comes to putting on a live show these guys bring out their A game - and in the end, that's more than enough.