Words a sexy, tightly woven drama
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Words a sexy, tightly woven drama
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

So Many Words
Theater Schmeater
December 6

Any play that starts with a strange woman in someone else's hotel room, and his wife walking in to find her there, is one that's bound to either turn into a sloppy, Jerry Springer-style send-up, or uncoil like a tightly wound spring. Luckily for Theater Schmeater's So Many Words, the latter turned out to be true.

Angela DiMarco plays a spunky, although irritatingly blunt young model, who follows a talented writer off a plane and ends up in his hotel room, where his assistant (Karen Jo Fairbrook) tries, in vain, to get her to leave. The war of words escalates almost to violence, teetering just on the edge, but really heats up with the writer's wife (Terri Lazzara) takes it up several notches so the audience is never sure if this will or will not turn into an old-fashioned, hair-pulling catfight.

Perhaps the most delicious part of So Many Words is how words are used to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, watching, wondering when this cat and mouse game will turn evil. It doesn't, but watching DiMarco slink around the intimate stage and spar with Lazzaro, then seduce Paul Custodio - the writer between these two powerful but different women - was worth the whole evening. Unfortunately, the show is now over, but know that a new season starts January16, with a gender-questioning piece called Act a Lady. Should be even more fun than So Many Words.

For more information on the season pass (a good Christmas gift), call 206-324-5801, or go to www.theaterschmeater.org.