Art to enjoy while you're out and about
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Art to enjoy while you're out and about
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

If you're downtown, there's actually some art to see, mingled in with all of the other sparkly lights. In several locations there are life-sized light sculptures to view, and though they are a bit tacky, they're all fun, and will undoubtedly get you in the spirit of the season.

Then if you're wanting art that's more recognizable as art, then definitely get over to Vermillion Gallery/Lounge on 11th, next the Grey Gallery (which also has some tasty displays up through December) and see the work of Kellie Talbot. The display called "Vegas" is a series of nuts-and-bolts paintings on bright backgrounds. They're festive in a futuristic way.

At the Wild Rose, definitely check out the work of Javier Ortega. The exhibit - a personal favorite of mine - is moody and dark; perfect for the winter's long nights. Up through December, it's definitely worth a look-see. Spend some time there, have some nachos or a cuppa.

Don't forget to check out the work of Holly Cannell, who is the featured artist in the main gallery at Art/Not Terminal this month. Forging ahead with a new series of paintings, Cannell's work gives the viewer something to linger over. Wander through the gallery and check out the eclectic display of artists, and don't miss the displays in the basement gallery. There are also small works, cards and interesting art objects on sale, so if you still don't have that unique gift for a special someone, the gallery's a good place to grab something. For other giftables that are also works of art, or at least arty, do check out Square Room in its new location near The Pearl restaurant on Pike, and stop by Romanza in Ballard, where they also have the coolest vintage-looking ornaments and accessories, including fairies, for your seasonal decor (located on Ballard Avenue, near the Starbucks).