Dos Fallopia in The Xmas Hour (and a-Half)
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Dos Fallopia in The Xmas Hour (and a-Half)
by Miryam Gordon - SGN A&E Writer

Dos Fallopia's
The Xmas Hour (and a-Half) December 14-17
Theatre Off Jackson

Dos Fallopias, the celebrated comic duo of Peggy Platt and Lisa Koch, are at it again this year with another in their series of Christmas sketch spoofs. This production is apparently their 19th! Platt and Koch have been creating shows together since 1990, after they met during a production of Holiday Survival Game Show at the now-defunct Alice B. Theatre.

Koch explains how they started writing these outrageous sketches. "We started creating characters while killing time in green rooms. After performing at the Cabaret de Paris as actors, we came up with the idea of a sketch comedy duo, and pitched a show to the Cabaret before we really had any material. So Dos Fallopia came into existence in?1990."

Asked how the process works, Koch answers, "When Peg and I write, I generally come up with the bizarre ideas, and Peg is brilliant with punch lines. We try and give our sketches a twist; a normal person or action, but an abnormal setting. Or vice versa. For?instance, a 12-step & day care. Both normal, until you merge the two. When we create a new full-length show, it usually takes us about four weeks to write."

The material appeals to both Gays and straights, younger audiences and older ones. Koch appreciates that "Peggy and I have the most diverse audiences, which is lovely. We just write what we think is funny, and hopefully it will make somebody else laugh. Our material is Gay-oriented, chick-centric, and very left of center, yet we seem to attract a wide variety of theater goers ... we call it 'when worlds collide.' We'll get a gaggle of Lesbians, a pod of Gay men, and a flock of straight people from Bellevue all attending our shows. The common denominator is humor, and if a room full of people laughs at the same thing, then they are automatically connected."

So, what does Koch think is funny? "Lots of things. All the old Carol Burnett sketches. Mel Brooks, Young Frankenstein, Black Adder, Monty Python, Ab[solutely] Fab[ulous], early Steve Martin, early Saturday Night Live, Tom Lehrer, Airplane."

Some of the past shows you might remember were entitled, Twin Sisters of Different Cul-de-sacs, Pretty Girls, Not Too Bright, and Desperate Spuddwives, which have been performed in theaters in London, New York, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis. Popular characters include their dysfunctional mother-daughter country superstar act, The Spudds (Euomi and Wynotta), and crunchy granola folk duo Mud (Compost Morningdew and Dolphin-Free Tuna Womon). For more information, you can go to or call 206-340-1049, or go to or call 800-838-3006.