Joseph Eisenhaur, 1948-1999
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Joseph Eisenhaur, 1948-1999
I know some of you will remember Joe nine years after his leaving us all too soon.

Joe was an outgoing guy who never passed up a chance to have a good time.

I also want him to be remembered for his serious accomplishments.

At nearly the beginning of the AIDS pandemic, Joe began and implemented the Seattle AIDS Support Group, now known as Dunshee House, in 1984 which is still helping people with AIDS today.

Joe was also a member of the Triangle Recreation Camp, where he was instrumental in the development and construction of the new camp now at Granite Falls.

I remember Joe as a man of many talents. In his last years, he taught himself about computers and held a prestigious job at a large Seattle law firm.

In these times of mayhem, war, and hate, it is refreshing to remember my friend Joe.