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Thursday, Sep 24, 2020
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Palin the supervillain
Palin the supervillain
by Jennifer Vanasco - SGN Contributing Writer

I have a new theory about Sarah Palin.

I think she's dangerous.

Not in an aw-shucks, super-cute, cowgirl kind of way. In a ruthless, Karl Rove, evil genius sort of way.

Except she's not as smart.

Sarah Palin, I think, may be an actual, comic-book villain made real.

The stories about her keep coming - that she uses people to help propel her up the ladder of ambition, and then cuts them off at the knees if it seems like they might follow suit. Her family is going through a troubled period right now - her teenage daughter is pregnant, her family is adjusting to the challenges of caring for a baby with special needs - and yet she keep parading them in front of America, ignoring, one imagines, their own needs for privacy with her own drive for power.

Sarah Palin, I think, mixes the worst characteristics of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Like George, she is too dopey to be a subtle thinker; she sees issues in black and white, and once she picks a side she stays with it, damning the consequences.

And like Dick Cheney, she sees power as a means to further her own ends, no matter what affect that might have on those around her.

I never thought I'd say this, but a Vice President Palin will make me almost nostalgic for President George W. Bush. If nothing else, he was loyal to those around him and clearly loved his family.

Sarah Palin, I fear, may be a bit of a sociopath.

There was, for example, her performance at last week's vice presidential debate. She did better than anyone expected, thanks to the bar-lowering performance of her deer-in-the-headlights Katie Couric interviews. But she still refused to answer the questions that were actually being put to her.

As a friend of mine said, "I feel like she was speaking entirely in non-sequiturs. Like, if Gwen Ifill asked her about the economy, I half-expected her to say, 'I like chocolate!'"

Sarah Palin, in other words, has so little respect for the political process and the American people that she doesn't even pretend to follow the rules of the game. This is the ultimate beauty pageant - and even if she has to steal the other girls' dresses, she is going to get her crown.

Her legerdemain was particularly apparent in the one Gay-rights question of the evening.

Ifill asked Biden: "Do you support, as they do in Alaska, granting same-sex benefits to couples?"

Now, this was an odd question. Because Alaska only gives same-sex benefits to state employees - and this is something that Palin has never supported. It's true that she didn't fight the decision - her attorney general told her it would be unconstitutional - but she did want to put it to the voters, because she believes it is wrong.

Nonetheless, that's how Ifill asked it.

And Biden, in his commanding, sure way, said "Absolutely. Absolutely positively." And THEN he said, almost miraculously, "Look, in an Obama-Biden administration, there will be absolutely no distinction from a constitutional standpoint or a legal standpoint between a same-sex and a heterosexual couple."

Get that? He said that he believes we have CONSTITUTIONAL protection of our relationships. That's huge. And yes, he later said that he didn't believe in "redefining from a civil side what constitutes marriage" - basically ceding the word "marriage" to religion.

But OK. That's a battle we still need to fight. If we are granted full federal marriage rights, than fighting for the word "marriage" state to state will be cake.

Palin, however, after saying that she wouldn't support such things if they got "closer and closer towards redefining the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman" then went on a tear about how she would be tolerant of adults choosing their partners, and that no McCain-Palin administration wouldn't prohibit contracts being negotiated between parties.

All those additional words she added after the traditional marriage bit? They mean nothing. Absolutely nothing. What she personally tolerates doesn't matter; nor does the assertion that the McCain-Palin administration wouldn't prohibit Gays from contracting with one another.

In fact, the suggestion that she thinks an administration might prohibit Gays from entering into contracts is frightening in itself.

Yet, she so bamboozled people by her non-answer that Reuters declared that Biden and Palin were on the same page when it came to Gay rights.

She is not.

Don't be fooled by Sarah Palin's supercute, bear-hunting exterior. That's just the costume she wears to hide her real intentions. If - heaven forbid - she's elected vice president, the real darkness will come out.

Jennifer Vanasco is an award-winning, syndicated columnist. E-mail her at

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