Friday, May 29, 2020
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Friday, May 29, 2020
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The Seattle Gay News has many good columnists and I look forward, as I hope your other readers do, to "hearing" them in each issue.

In the July 4th issue you really made me happy with two columns by Jennifer Vanasco. First, the perfect one, saying what most of us feel, about "being an American." And she is right when she says, "What GLBTs are looking for is what is promised to every American - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. & America was won not because people bowed to the conservative majority - majorities are always conservative - but because they rebelled."

Then, because, as she points out, our Pride events come around the same time of year, she doesn't understand people who keep saying they are not part or don't feel part of a "community." You don't have to be like others or do what others do to be a part. "To be part of the community, the only door you have to burst through is the one guarding the closet. After that you are a part of us."

And in the July 11th issue, Vanasco, again, is perfect on "Gays and genetics." And it is all there! "Let me say this: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if homosexuality arises from genes or hormones or parenting or being around a hot football coach. Diversity is beautiful, and we are part of that rainbow. Homosexuality is not a moral evil and causes no harm to society - it is simply a variety of human."

If only all of our media and groups can get this across to us and non-Gay people!

And then Beau Burriola (July 11th) shows us that there are stereotypes that are not "ours." And the usual coverage of news by Rex Wockner (with help from Bill Kelley).

I wonder if everyone (fallout of The New Yorker cover discussion) will get the good thinking of Leslie Robinson on what Jesse Helms will find after death. Jesse Monteagudo reports on electing our own. And in the same thinking Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid says we must support same-sex marriage (the rightwingers are busy trying to hurt us and aren't taking a summer vacation).

An article I think other G/L publications should cover is the one that is sort of a letter (by Scott Rice in July 11th issue) to Gus Van Sant about Milk. It says what homosexuals who care about our pioneers will want pointed out to anyone making movies or writing about us.

And I usually like the political articles from Chris Crain and Lisa Keen. Crain worries about the disconnect between our Pride events and no laws are changing, etc. Keen brings up issues of the California marriage decision that include whether passage of the amendment would void marriages-quoting Jenji Yoshino of Yale Law, who thinks it would. As I understand her thoughts, if any doubt exists, couples should keep their domestic partnership registration to fall back on, in states that don't recognize same sex marriages anyway. Am I right in understanding that those who are registered Domestic Partners do not automatically become married? There is an issue I know of, that a couple split and yet it could be they are still registered, and it would make things worse it that became a marriage.

I thank you and them all for letting us know of new thoughts and happenings.

Billy Glover


One of my business associates recently queried me about being Gay. My response was, "Does it really matter?"

A few years ago I wouldn't have said a thing just stood there thinking of a reply and wishing not to verbalize in any way.

Thank goodness, times have changed. Heretofore, I would have run back to the closet and retreated as long as possible before reentering the world.

Along the way I've met some very beautiful people, shared their ups and downs, and enjoyed knowing I didn't have to hide in fear in an unprotective world.

My life has been quite positive, but I have had my consistent melodramas along the way, wanting growth I never had before. At this point I feel like Gay is part of my name.

Buzz Flowers Callaway

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