Harvey Milk honored with bust at SF City Hall
Harvey Milk honored with bust at SF City Hall
by Michael Petrelis - Special to the SGN

May 22 was Harvey Milk's 78th birthday, and the slain Gay rights leader and politician was honored at San Francisco City Hall with the unveiling of his bust in the rotunda on the second floor, right outside the Board of Supervisors' chambers. One man was behind the creation of the bust and its placement in the seat of local government: Danny Nicoletta, Gay hero. A close friend of Harvey's, Danny received many well-deserved accolades that night.

Overall, I have to say the ceremony and party for the unveiling couldn't have been finer. Lots of people in attendance, all in a jovial mood, rainbow flags and balloons hanging from the balconies, the proceedings displayed on two large screens so everyone could see what was happening, short speeches by politicians, warm love from the audience directed at Harvey's friends and colleagues, and a genuine spirit of family embracing City Hall.

With so much love and happiness throughout the evening, I'm hard-pressed to pick one incident that really made me smile and feel optimistic for American Gays, but I'll settle on a single action. It was when about 10 Gay youths marched up the grand staircase, encircled the covered bust, and, with a horde of photographers and people wielding digital cams recording their movements, slowly pulled the blue drape off the bust of Harvey.

Ah, the pivotal moment we'd all been waiting for, and instead of the politicians or movement veterans doing the honors, the task was given to Gay youths, and the future.

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