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Friday, Oct 23, 2020

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the Music Lounge by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer
Interview with Great Northern vocalist-guitarist Solon Bixler
by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A&E Writer

It's a railroad? No. A trucking company? Not quite. How about a California-based rock band that folds harmonious vocals, orchestrated arrangements and moody backdrops together for an illuminating sound? Yep, this is the Great Northern I'm referring to. The half female-half male quartet is celebrating sparkling reviews of their full-length debut Trading Twilight for Daylight and attracting new fans via a national tour. The road outing, a shared bill with NYC outfit Robbers on High Street, includes a Seattle date on November 12 at The Crocodile Café. Visit for ticket information. For more on this fantastic sounding group (think Radiohead meets Silversun Pickups), visit Chances are, you'll love their single "Home".

From a tour bus or hotel room (I'm not sure which), I caught up with Great Northern member Solon Bixler via email. Here's what the tall, dark and mysterious looking Bixler shared with me inside "The Music Lounge."

Albert Rodriguez: When you see Seattle on your tour itinerary, what comes to mind?
Solon Bixler:The weather in Seattle seems to suit we feel like we're coming home.
Rodriguez: Thus far on this tour, what city has produced the best audience and why?
Bixler: Austin,TX...another amazing city. We always love going there because the food is amazing. You would never know you were in Texas.
Rodriguez: How would you describe Great Northern's sound to someone you just met at a bar?
Bixler: Wrap yourself in the softest blanket ever and spontaneously combust.
Rodriguez: Speaking of a bar, what's your beverage of choice?
Bixler: PATRON!!!!!!
Rodriguez: On your previous trip to Seattle, did you get to check out the city at all?
Bixler: Some good friends of ours at ZUNE took us to an amazing restaurant in the hotel Edgewater. Lets just say a $50 steak doesn't seem to fit in our normal tour was deeeeeelicious.
Rodriguez: "Home" is such an awesome song. Where was it written and what's the live version like?
Bixler: It was written at home strangely enough, and it sounds like home at least 3 days out of the week.
Rodriguez: Artists have told me that they constantly lose socks and underwear when they're on tour. Are there any items that you notoriously leave behind at hotels and dressing rooms?
Bixler: Cell phone chargers and sleep.
Rodriguez: What's the last piece of music you downloaded onto your MP3 player?
Bixler: Marilyn Manson, and PJ Harvey.
Rodriguez: If you had to pick an Album of the Year for 2007, what would it be?
Bixler: Interpol - Our Love to Admire.
Rodriguez: The band is dressed in angel-white outfits on your MySpace site, and appear to be floating in thin air. What's that about?
Bixler: It was a photo shoot we did for our album.....white clothes, under water, 40 degrees. It was ffffun.
Rodriguez: What does 2008 look like for Great Northern?
Bixler: A sack lunch.
Rodriguez: Who's your favorite gay icon (Richard Simmons, Clay Aiken, etc.)?
Bixler: Tom Cruise or John's a toss up.
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photos by Joey - SGN photographer

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