July 20, 2007
V 35 Issue 29

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Dear SGN,

There were about four male protesters and two were waving large white signs quoting Paul's letter to the Corinthians about homosexuals incapable of entering the Kingdom of Heaven at 4th Avenue about noon on Sunday, June 24, as the Seattle Pride Parade passed by.

They were shouting anti-Gay statements at the parade and its revelers. On-lookers would shout back occasionally.

I was at this particular corner where the protesters were, recovered from a night of drinking at the Wild Rose, taking pictures with a disposable camera which I'd send to some Lesbian friends who still lived in my small, conservative home town. Watching the event, I couldn't help but be wowed.

Small-town girl goes to big city.

In a small town, people treat me like they'd rather sneer and say something smart like, "Don't they have parades and marches for people like you?"

Yes they do.

It's Seattle Pride, baby.

It's not like I was all teary-eyed. I was just thinking, Hey this is great.

I didn't pay much attention to the protesters until I saw the coolest thing ever.

It went down like this:

The evangelicals and some of the crowd started shouting an awful lot. Then the sign-bearers walked away from the corner.

This pint-sized young dyke strutted after them, "Come on! You just gonna walk away?"

One of the protesters turned and she slapped him in the face.

He knelt down to pray and she returned to her crew and a standing ovation with her arms outstretched.

The evangelicals gathered around their bowed brother, holding up Bibles and showing support.

I guess I felt a couple of things.

I was all for the slap. But I was also hurt for the man. Though I can't get behind it, he was expressing what he believed.

I was raised by Christian evangelical parents. I went to church. I've been exposed to the scene. I also remember how I was then: a smoldering young-un having some definite scruples with scripture and a smart-mouth to match.

The evangelical had every right to speak his mind.

And in the young dyke I saw a ballsier version of myself, the attitude of, "You're damn right Girl is a four-letter word!"


I would have bought her a drink if she was old enough.

Nole Knapek

Dear SGN,

I wish to give many thanks to the LGBT Community Center and the committed individuals and groups who organized the QueerFest events on Capitol Hill this year. The Pride March on Broadway on Saturday, June 23, had an incredible grass-roots, do-it-yourself feel; with smaller organizations, a refreshing new focus on community activism and creativity--away from corporate presence. I loved the smaller floats pulled on wheels by participants. I hope this event continues to remain non-motorized and on a human scale--the scene on the route and at the park afterward was awesome because it was funky, simple, and down-to-earth.

I also briefly walked along the Parade route and into Seattle Center for the downtown event on Sunday--it was great to see that the city had opened its doors and that this event was taking place in the heart of Seattle. We are big enough for both events.

I believe the recent division in the community over the location and nature of the Pride has ultimately paved the path toward a more creative community. I hope this will continue and that next year's QueerFest on Capitol Hill will be bigger, funkier, grungier, and even more varied. The community orientation of the Pride March brought greater focus to groups like Femmes For Visibility, Two-Spirit Peoples and many others. I hope these contingents will find their numbers and grow, creating an ever greater diversity in the GLBT community. Imagine Seattle becoming a real destination for creative Queer people. Call it Gay Saturday or whatever you want, it signifies something new and different and I'm all for it. Our community is nothing without activism and diversity--let Capitol Hill be the place for it!

Peter Toliver


Dear SGN,

The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) Washington State would like to thank you for your generous support of our 3rd annual Gay-Straight Alliance Banquet and Awards held at the Lakeside School on June 1. You have been a good friend and ally to GLSEN for many years and we can't thank you enough for that. We hope you and your co-workers had a good time at our banquet. Take Care!

Joseph R. Bento, M. Ed.
Education and Training Director
GLSEN Washinton State

Dear SGN,

Thank you for putting our weekly updates in the SGN.

We are sorry to say that as of June 30, 2007 we will be closed. After eleven and a half years, we are going out of business. We could not find a buyer to carry on. I want to thank all of the customers as well, they all have become special to us here at The Everett Underground.

Thank you,
Barbara Moore,
The Everett Underground



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