July 13, 2007
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Sex Talk by Simon Shepard
Baskets in Bondage
by Simon Sheppard - SGN A&E Writer

"I was playing with this new partner of mine," says a budding bondage bottom, "when he pulled out a piece of rope and started wrapping it around my shaft and balls. Soon he had my whole erection tied up. Nobody had ever done that to me before, and it was totally hot."

That fellow's not alone in his fondness for rod restraints, as a visit to your local sex shop will demonstrate; the ever-enterprising sex-toy industry has come up with a wide range of ways to fetter your fun machine. Various configurations of leather straps, snaps, and buckles are designed to fit around the base of meat and nuts, stretch out the sac, or hug the shaft like a sheath. The poetically titled Gates of Hell, for instance, is anchored at the base of the balls and features a series of tight rings running up the length of your lovestick. And toys made of rubber or neoprene add a pleasantly stretchy dimension to wrapping your willie.

For men into more extreme scenes, metal rings, shaft splints, and the like provide a heavy, hardcore thrill. Says one fan of ferrous toys, "I have this iron-maiden-style ring that fits around the base of my meat. It's lined with dull spikes, and let me tell you, it hurts so good."

More restrictive still are penis cages and, at the furthest reaches of ramrod restraint, chastity devices that lock around the basket. While all bondage play involves something of a power exchange, chastity scenes take genital control to its logical extreme. Whether used in long-term master/slave scenes or sub-for-a-day play, chastity toys put the fate of man's meat in someone else's hands. "There's something intoxicating about the idea of physically controlling another guy's crotch," says one nasty top. "He can't play with himself even if he wants to, which makes the scene all about me. His penis is all locked up, and I hold the key."

But one need not invest hundreds of dollars in a custom-made schlong-confining gizmo to give genital bondage a whirl - just a few cents worth of rope and the ability to tie square knots can do the job. A 3-foot length of clothesline will do; it should be softish and lacking the stiff core that clothesline often has, and, if it's made of polyester, briefly melting the ends will prevent untidy unravelings. Once you've looped the middle firmly around the base of the bottom's shaft and balls and secured it with a square knot - not a slipknot, please - you can get creative, wrapping the rope around your friend's hard flesh, using it to stretch out the soft sac, or, even better, both. Just be aware of physical limitations. It's all well and good to get things purple and bulging, but since serious harm can be done, don't constrict blood flow too brutally or too long.

If you're feeling more adventurous, there are ways to accessorize - adding things like penis rings, double-headed clips, chains, or even clothespins to the mix. Or you can get more elaborate, hooking up your crotch-centered ropework to more extensive bondage elsewhere on the body. Many a rope harness starts out with a loop between the legs.

On the other hand, if you're the lazy type, why not make life simple by using an Ace-type elastic bandage instead of rope? Not only will it make genital mummification a snap, it will also be useful should you sprain your ankle on the way home. Just be careful if you use those sharp metal clips.

Whatever you get into, if you're just starting out in the bondage game, take your time. Remember: Human bodies are flexible, even the stiff parts. Slow and careful work will help ensure your handiwork doesn't end up in a limp heap. And if you're a bondage bottom, just relax and be patient while your top secures your equipment. He's working his fingers to the bone for the benefit of your boner, so be grateful, not pushy.

As our budding bondage bottom says, "I know that I maybe should have felt nervous, letting someone tie up my tender bits. But he seemed really caring as well as demanding, and I felt really well taken care of. Horny, too. He'd left just the head peeking out, and when he jacked off my tied-up shaft, I blew a gigantic load."

So whether you're a top who longs to rope and wrangle a rod, or a bottom who's horny to get his bulldog lassoed, take heart and stay hard. Somewhere there's a guy who'll be happy to help with your knotty needs.

Simon Sheppard is the editor of Homosex, and the author of Sex Parties 101, Kinkorama, and In Deep: Erotic Stories, and can be reached at Visit Simon at


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