June 8, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 23
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SPECIAL SPORTS EDITORIAL AND GAME REVIEW - Seattle Majestics vs. Portland Shockwave, June 2nd
SPECIAL SPORTS EDITORIAL AND GAME REVIEW - Seattle Majestics vs. Portland Shockwave, June 2nd
by Sandi Edwards - SGN Contributing Writer

What a win. Seattle defeated the Portland Shockwave 33-13 during their June 2nd game at Memorial Stadium.

With all that there was to do Saturday, Seattle Mariners, Storm basketball, Hot Flash dance, and Fruit Bowl it was no wonder the Seattle Majestics had a hard time concentrating on the game in front of them .

Usually as a sports reporter, I concentrate on the game facts and fill in with the emotion. In this case please excuse the emotion. My dad was born in Green Bay, I have no choice but to be a sports nut. I have seen every sport imaginable, been to a lot a special occasions in this city. I was one of the first people to get the Shucks Sonics championship poster. Last game at the Kingdom, first at Safeco. But, outside of my son winning the final match that won his team the Kingco team wrestling championship, this game may go down in my mind as the best.

The teams traded touchdowns early on and then someone pulled the plug.. Neither team could muster any advantage. The point of contact between offense and defense sounded like mush rather than the hard sound of plastic to plastic. Receivers ran wrong routes. The Seattle defense came out of their strident three, four to look like they had no clue.

But unfortunately, it was more of the same. The Majestics grew tired. The body language was defeated. The only thing that kept the game from getting out of hand was that Portland could not complete a perfect hand off. The center kept hitting her leg. The shockwave quarterback when she held on the snap was already then out of rhythm Last week I told a group of fans that one day the defense would be in the backfield to get the offensive hand off and guess what.

Then it started happening. The line was talking. Receivers were talking. There was an in your face conversation between quarterback and receiver. Blocks were made. Receivers were running correct routes. Quarterback started reading the coverage and delivering the ball right on the money. There was a huge interception and return in the fourth quarter. Four bodies went up in the air to get it and out of the pack came Mugs Loudon and off she went. Michal Volk hit a streaking Camille Head for a huge gain inside the 5 yard line. A penalty pushed the team back but it didn't matter.

Another huge play finally saw the offensive line bury the defense and off went Kam Warner to the end zone.

The defense was again the monster of the midway ( sorry but the game was right next to the "Fun forest" The Shockwave had no answer for the final defensive onslaught. Again it looked liked we had their playbook.

It the middle of the struggle there was a Majestic 50yard plus punt that would have been the envy of any football player. My dad taught me to look at line play to understand how the game flows. It was amazing to see the shear heart of the Majestics' lines as they literally played on fumes..

My first journalism teacher also taught me to find one player before the game to watch. This game I picked Gail Pitman. ( she knows I am going to pick on her) Pitman was the defensive play caller. It was brutal to watch for a while. The defense was not ready as the offensive line came ready. There were balls thrown over her head, balls thrown to areas where other DBs had no idea the ball was coming. Then there was a moment, see magic moments below) that changed the course of the game. Pitman early in the fourth quarter called the defense and took her line backing spot. All of a sudden her body went alert. She got it! The next few plays were a mess for the shockwave as one after another defensive surge put an end to the Portland night.

When the game ended I was exhausted.

Late in the third quarter after another failed sweep, Volk , the beleaguered turned to the sidelines and motioned to the coaches that the block was not sustained. She leaned toward them and in a strong . I am in charge now voice, shouted, "I want PITMAN" ( some of the fans heard I want Pitman NOW). It was very fun to see a quarterback come of age.

Head was in her defensive safety spot (at that time all alone in the defensive back field some 15 yards back.). When someone from the Portland sidelines yelled, "Let's get physical" I thought by the change in her body language she was going to turn and give the bring it sign. After the game she denied that. Then the defense tightened and the game was on.

After the Head catch inside the five yard line, and the subsequent punch it in touchdown that basically put the game away, the three owners who had survived the heat, poor play and come out with the upper hand, ran off the field as one. Numbers 13, 10 and 80 (Gallemore, Volk and Head) a franchise that is going to be important in the word of female football.

I know I have left many of the facts out and probably did not mentioned enough stars of the game, but maybe I captured the essence of the night.

For the pure sports fan, the next game is June 9th at Memorial Stadium at 7PM.

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