June 8, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 23
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Religious Coalition for Equality seeks Executive Director
Lipstick and Lust
Taking the revolution to the streets, via a naked body, lusting and raving, and more in this Lipstick and Lust
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Well, my little rose buds, warm weather is finally making these bones happy (a little arthritis aside--ah, the whimsies of genetics my dahlings!) again, and it seems Summer is coming to the cold Northwest after all. Yea team! And of course, this brings much lusting to the surface for this one (who is more 'in heat' than ever, rolling in my own sheets with the U-District Street Fair hottie, and the Folklife hookup, who we do miss oh so much, and of late in the back seat of a car with a hook up at a rave I recently attended with a friend), as well as more worries for 'Army sweetie'. You see while La Diva, and you dear readers are gearing up for Pride, The Fremont Solstice Parade, and a host of other fun outdoor activities, my beloved is overseas dodging bullets and trying to keep that cute body in one piece, thanks to our moron of a president. So, if you haven't already done so, do write your representative, or stage some sort of protest and let's try to see if 'people power' can do for this war what it did for the Vietnam War, and end it now! Get clickin' folks, as the life you save could be your friend.

And, on the subject of anti-war and maybe even a little to the wilder side of lusting (or at least being lusted after), this one came up with a perfectly splendid idea last night, while sitting in The Digs with the kitties. Or, it seems like a splendid idea to moi. So here it goes. How about a bunch of us (hey I'll do it by myself, but I think it'd make more of a statement if there were a bunch of us, as diverse a bunch as possible) 'streak' the Fremont Solstice parade? And by 'streaking' I mean, have some friends surround you, raise a big sign (mine will read, my body is not obscene but over 3,000 soldiers and over 5,000 Iraqis dead is'), then strategically drop said sign, revealing your naked beauty. Huh, huh? Or some of us could do body paint (let me know where to buy the stuff, will ya?) and express ourselves with statements like, 'this body's beautiful, but war isn't'. And by the time SPD's finest (although none of them are as fine as one officer Dan, who this one was gushing over, to some other officers who showed up at the rave I was attending, to get us to turn down the volume) figure out that they should make a show of doing something, our friends re-clothe us and we're innocent as babes, in body paint. See, I told you, a splendid idea and one that'll, hopefully, start a trend to get some notice that this freaking illegal, immoral war should end now.

I also had another flash to the brain about buying a humongous pizza, some pop and feeding those kids hanging out in Westlake Park. Hey, clueless ones who think these kids are just too dirty and smelly to 'impress' our tourist visitors, get a flipping clue and let's remember that Seattle was once proud of its hippie heritage and not of how many condos it can fit in a dime sized space. Another reason Tacoma's calling this one. I am just too tired of how cold and unfeeling the Emerald City is becoming and how much more like Ursula K. Leguin's 'Ormelas' (read 'Those Who Walk Away From Ormelas' in 'The Wind's Twelve Quarters' if you don't know from whence I speaketh) it's becoming. Which would make me 'Oddo', the one who started a revolution by walking away from 'Ormelas'. Booyah! Must be all of the fun I've been having with hippie boys and my new hippie phase, partially brought on by the delish meeting with 'Norwescon hottie', and my new scent, patchouly and ylang ylang (get the patchouly oil from Madison Market and some wonderful ylang ylang and other oils from the guy who sells them at the Friday Farmer's Market, located at MLK and Union).

I also tried Smashbox's 'Simmer' lipgloss earlier today and got noticed, let me tell you! And do try Swoon's GloMinerals 'Glo Gloss' in 'Lily'. A tasty pink frost that looks anytime, on anyone and Swoon's just up the street from SGN, at 14th and Pine, and has loads of other cool stuff, including candles to die for in large and travel sizes. This one is planning to get a manicure there as soon as money isn't so incredibly tight (as it's been since Jupiter went retrograde back in May, ay mi!).

Finally, heard two very fresh records--or at least the singers--recently and picked up some hot tunes to listen to later and highly recommend both. First, do give a listen to 'Future Talk' from Physics, who I saw at Folklife and instantly hearted (contact them at, and second, you must listen to Camille Bloom (who was the featured singer at this year's GLSEN banquet last weekend, June 2nd) on her CD 'Say Goodbye To Pretty', which is soulful, smooth and brings tears to my eyes on songs like 'Goodbye' and 'Haunting Me', as well as the strong and poignantly moving 'I Found Love'. Go to for more info and get this in your head and ears, 'kay? I heart this one very much.

So, that's it my little Godiva shells, and do feel free to e-mail me at to let me know if you wanna join the guerilla theater 'nude-in' at the Fremont Solstice Parade (and if you have ideas on how I can do this, or a bicycle to loan me, so I ride nude, like Lady Godiva, down the parade route, sign in hand, do let me know, ya heard?), or where I can get some cheap body paint in day glo colors. Let's do this people, and see what power we can have when we all stand for something other than who's the better singer on 'American Fido'. Buhbye!

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