June 8, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 23
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Religious Coalition for Equality seeks Executive Director
'Trailer Queens Pageant' to raise funds, Pride awareness
'Trailer Queens Pageant' to raise funds, Pride awareness
by Liz Meyer - SGN Staff Writer

Call it the LGBT Community Center's P.R. blitz: adorning Seattle's drag queens in less-than-fabulous duds, in the hopes that the flashy-to-trashy transformation will turn some heads in time for Pride.

During the week before Pride, drag queens inspired by a "Trailer Trash" theme will promote Pride events as a group at bars, businesses and restaurants. The event will also serve as a major fundraiser for the Community Center. You might spot the "Trailer Queens" out on the town as Britney Spears clones, or with sashes proudly proclaiming "Miss Aurora" or "Miss Bus Stop."

"Present and past titles holders (Miss Gay Seattle, Miss Gay Washington, etc.) will be encouraged to perform that evening, not as their normal selves, but instead as trashy drag queens," said Carl Medeiros of the Community Center.

"The concept of this pageant," Medeiros said, "is to create community excitement and awareness for Pride Events for this year's Seattle Pride weekend."

A crowning ceremony will take place at Neighbors on June 13 at 8:00 p.m., and the Queens' reign will officially last from June 15-23. The "Trailer Queens" will also march in Capitol Hill March on Saturday, be part of the festival at Volunteer Park and be in the Parade downtown.

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