June 8, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 23
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White Rabbits at The Crocodile Cafe, The Pipettes fine tune at Chop Suey
by Albert Rodriguez and Jessica Browning - SGN A&E Writers

White Rabbits w/ opening acts
Friday, June 8 - 9pm
The Crocodile Café - $7

I'm not sure how to describe the White Rabbits. There's so much happening in every song, it's like a carnival for the ears. The six-piece Brooklyn ensemble have created significant buzz with Fort Nightly, an eleven-track debut that could be an upstairs neighbor to a Style Council-Squeeze-Haircut 100-Madness jam session. White Rabbits layer their sound with generous slices of rock, ska, pop, swing, punk, and enough piano backdrops to accompany a vaudeville act. Three tracks stand out to me on the sextet's aforementioned album, "Kid On My Shoulders", "The Plot", and the jumpy-floor sweeping "While We Go Dancing".

White Rabbits aren't NYC natives, they're Midwest-bred gentlemen who give themselves three-name billing on the band's official MySpace page ( Matthew Prescott Clark (drums), Alexander Joseph Even (guitar, vox), Jamie Adam Levinson (percussion), Stephen Daniel Patterson (piano, vox), Gregory Thomas Roberts (guitar, vox), and Adam Kent Russell (bass) comprise the group, whose names would otherwise sound like roll call at an all-boys prep school. Roberts and Patterson swap lead vocal duties, and honestly I can't tell which is which. But they're both great singers. Individually, each Rabbit is an impressive musician. And almost importantly, they're all cute. I just want to squeeze each of their cheeks, upper and lower.

Gay boys reading this today (Friday) that love eclectic pop, reminiscent of 80s Brit outfits, should make a dash to The Crocodile Café to see and hear a promising band with an abundance of talent, equaled with a shitload of charm. Initially, White Rabbits were opening for Mystery Jets, until the Jets canceled the tour due to a snag with their visas. But the Rabbits decided to go ahead and play all dates on the original itinerary. Approximate set time for White Rabbits is 9pm, but with three other bands on the lineup it could be around 10pm before they hop onstage. Tickets are available at the door, and it appears to be a 21-over gig. Seattle rockers The Turn-Ons, featuring a personal MySpace friend Corey Gutch, is one of the opening acts. A. Rodriguez

Artist essentials: Fort Nightly, a 2007 standout by the White Rabbits featuring "While We Go Dancing" and "Kid On My Shoulders".

The Pipettes w/ Smoosh
Thursday, June 14 - 9pm
Chop Suey - $10

If you've been longing for some catchy girl-group sounds circa 2007 yet complete with retro details such as synchronized dance moves, hand jives, and finger snaps, you are about to be charmed. The Pipettes are a trio of smart and spunky British girls about to take a shot at cracking America. Get ready for Gwenno, Rosay, and "Riot" Becki to knock your socks off at Chop Suey. The Pipettes hit Seattle near the end of a two-week tour in support of the Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me EP, which is just a taster of what's to come.

What first brought this trio (who reportedly perform as a seven piece backed by a band of cute sweater-clad boys) to my attention was a cheeky video for the British hit single "Pull Shapes". A clever remake of the party scene from Russ Meyer's Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, the video captured my attention although at first glance the girls seemed a little prissy for my taste. Matching polka dot dresses and hair bands? A bouffant blond, a brunette, and a cat-eye glasses toting skinny lass named Becki? Reluctantly, I was intrigued; I love girl groups as much as anyone. The not so lofty concept of making pop music fun again is something every music fan can appreciate. But it's not always as "peachy" as a Motown song in the world of The Pipettes. Although well versed in the swinging 60s, the three friends are definitely living in the modern world. Songs such as "One Night Stand" and "Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me" let you know right away that they may be sweet, but have spine and aren't afraid to show it.

Although We Are The Pipettes has been available on import for almost a year, the stateside release will be August 28 on Cherrytree Records. The American summer festival circuit seems to be enthralled with jock-driven mainstream rock these days, so it will be interesting to see whether or not these brassy Brits can give the boys a run for their money in an intimate setting.

The Pipettes are reminiscent of Saint Etienne's girl-group throwback moments, and many a Gay fan will swoon at the occasional vocal parallel to Sarah Cracknell. For one thing, I am curious to see if there is substance beneath the fluff. Sarah Cracknell had talent in spades. She could be the girl next door or a sexy chanteuse all within the span of an album. It's my hope that We Are The Pipettes, although less dancey, can do the same. Perhaps it's no accident that the Brighton-based Pipettes opened for sensational soul diva Amy Winehouse earlier this year. Rachel Nagy of riot-retro outfit The Detroit Cobras also comes to mind, although she resembles a tough older sister in relation to these dolls. Could it be that in 2007, everything old is new again? J. Browning

Artist essentials: Pick up a copy of the Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me EP out June 5. Then go immediately to Myspace or Youtube to pull up the video for "Pull Shapes". It's a classic!

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