June 8, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 23
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Religious Coalition for Equality seeks Executive Director
WEST SIDE STORY - A musical that'll make you cry, but leave you singing, and a play that'll tickle your funny bone
WEST SIDE STORY - A musical that'll make you cry, but leave you singing, and a play that'll tickle your funny bone
by Rajket Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

West Side Story
Directed by Bill Berry
Starring Louis Hobson, Maegan McConnell, Manolly Farrell, Miguel A. Romero, Jeremy Lucas,
Daniel Cruz, Jr., Jim Gall, Allen Galli, Sean G. Griffin, Chad Jennings Michael D. Jablonski
May 26-June 17th

Sex In Seattle: Episode 14
Directed by Miko Premo
Starring Gigi Jhong, Leilani Berinobis, Kathy Hsieh, Elizabeth Druthayan,
Jose Abaoag, III, Travis Myers, Ulric Dihle, Christian Ver, Patrick Scott,
Daniel Arreola, Maggie Lee, Ed Tonai
Richard Hugo House
June 1st-23rd

At the end of the 5th Avenue's production of West Side Story, not only was I teary-eyed, but a man a seat down from me was openly wiping his eyes, and so were many other men and women. Now that's good theatre, no, that's phenomenally moving, electrifying theatre that gets into your soul and moves you so much you don't care if people see your tears when the houselights come up.

And with Louis Hobson as a very believable 'Tony', paired with a vulnerable and heartbreakingly innocent Maegan McConnell as 'Maria', the show sparkles with a luminosity seldom seen outside of a movie theater. In fact, I've not so loved this show since I saw it when I was a 'baby bi' on my Mom's black and white telly in Houston. This is the real deal, the stuff of great performances, and this West Side Story has an 'Anita' that would make Chita Rivera (who played her in the version I saw with Natalie Wood as 'Maria' and Chaz Palmieri as 'Tony') proud. One who shines with such joie de vivre from the stage, it's hard not to sing with her when she croons on the catchy 'America' and provocative 'Tonight'.

You simply have to see this show to experience the magic and goose bump raising magnificence that 5th Avenue Theatre brings to its stellar stage. And believe me, yes, you will leave singing those delightful songs like, 'Jet Song', 'Maria', and my favorite for bringing on the tears, 'Somewhere'. The dancers are at the top of their game, having been drawn from Seattle's Spectrum Dance Theatre, and the choreography sparkles, making one want more and more, even after the curtain falls. But mostly, even though this show is set in the '50's, in New York, the message is just as timely today, and definitely as uplifting. For more information, call 206-625-1900, or go online to

And, if you're looking for something that'll move you, but to laughter this time, then you simply have to join the hundreds who've become fans over time, and go see Sex In Seattle: Episode 14. Yep, it's already been fourteen episodes and those four Asian-American hotties are still having love life dilemmas.

Elizabeth (Kathy Hsieh), recovering from being kidnapped by her ex, Kenneth (Christian Ver), who thought he'd win her back from conniving Chinese tycoon, Harold (Daniel Arreola), now has a decision to make. Does she get back together with her true love, Kenneth, or stay married to Harold (who's also lied to her about being the man she fell in love with online)? And Jenna is wondering if she's preggers (pregnant) and who might the father be, while Tess is being courted by two guys, Colin (Jose Aboag, III) and Nathan (Travis Myers). And there's so many other subplots you'll just have to go and figure them out for yourself. But do know, you'll be tickled all the way through. For information on tickets and times, call 206-323-9443, or go online to

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