May 11, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 19
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Seattle Majestics: Women's tackle football team
Seattle Majestics: Women's tackle football team
by Que Areste, N.D. - SGN Contributing Writer

If you've never heard of the Seattle Majestics, you are not alone. Until two of them came to speak at a meeting of Over 40 Lesbians, neither had I. They are Seattle's member of the 36 team Women's Tackle Football League and the sister team to the Seattle Seahawks.

Although I am not much of a football fan, these women had so much heart and passion I decided to get involved. They are the best sports deal in town. Forty dollars gets you season tickets to all four home games. Individual tickets are $12 per game.

We got two season tickets and went to their fundraiser at All Pilgrims Christian Church on Broadway on April 20th. There was good food, beer and wine, fine music and a supportive crowd.

This season they play a total of eight games. They have played two game so far. One was against the Portland Shockwave on April 28th. The Majestics won 19-2. The second was against the Corvallis Pride and the final score was 15-0. They played great games.

Their first home game will be at the Chief Sealth High School football field on Saturday May 12th at 7:00 p.m. They will play the Redding Rage. The other three home games will be played at Memorial Stadium at Seattle Center. They will be May 26th against the Tuscon Monsoon; June 2nd against the Portland Shockwave again; and June 9th against the Corvallis Pride. All home games start at 7:00 p.m.

The Majestics have played in Tacoma for several years. After their owners suddenly dropped the team, three members searched their hearts and decided to buy the team. Unlike other professional teams, they are not wealthy women. This team plays for love.

Although it is classed as a pro team, members have to pay for the privilege of playing.

The team captains are quarterback Michel Volk, offensive tackle Sarah "Canada" Floyd and wide receiver Heather Gallemore.

For more information about the team and photos of the last two games check out their website:

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