May 11, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 19
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ERW's 'Taking Equality to New Heights' Gala a big hit
ERW's 'Taking Equality to New Heights' Gala a big hit
by Barbara Green
Interim Executive Director
Equal Rights Washington

ERW's First Inaugural Gala was a huge success on all fronts. It was a wonderful opportunity to introduce incoming ERW Executive Director, Connie Watts to many allies who came to celebrate the power of our coalition and a successful legislature session.

The dinner was sold out. The view outside the 76th floor of the Columbia Tower was stunning. The view inside with everyone dressed up was quite lovely as well. Charlene Strong gave a powerful speech in support of ERW. We surpassed our fundraising goal, raising over $75,000, with more coming in every day.

Thanks so much to the Board, staff, and volunteers of ERW who helped make this event a success. In particular, I would like to thank the gala committee, Jennifer Barnes, George Cheung and Ryan Mello; staff members Nathan Riding and Bethany Coleman and Lisa Walls for all of their behind-the-scenes work; and Don Boshears and the Columbia Tower Club for making the night so magical. Thanks also to all of our sponsors and to those of you who attended the event.
picture: above Ed Murray, David Della below Robert Taylor

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