May 11, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 19
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the Music Lounge by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer
The Bravery's hot lead singer Sam Endicott describes Seattle as eco-friendly and still needs to pack for the band's upcoming tour
by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A&E Writer

I like my rock stars talented, and preferably hot. Which is why this week's guest in "The Music Lounge" is Sam Endicott, lead singer and guitarist of The Bravery. The NYC-based group soared to mainstream success two years ago with "An Honest Mistake", a dance-rock single from their self-titled debut. "Unconditional", the second track released from the album, gave The Bravery another chart topping hit. After touring non-stop for months, the band rested and began writing a batch of new songs. The result is The Sun and the Moon, the quintet's sophomore effort coming out later this month. If you can't wait, catch The Bravery live at El Corazon on Wednesday, May 16. Tickets, priced at $15 and $17, are available at all TicketsWest outlets and at the door.

Taking a short break in New York from recording B-sides and extra songs for import CDs, this is what the sexy, super cool Sam Endicott chatted about inside "The Music Lounge".

Albert Rodriguez: I'm on your MySpace page right now, checking out your pics.

Sam Endicott: How are they looking?

Rodriguez: Good. There's a pic of you sitting on a car that's on fire.

Endicott: (sounds surprised) I'm sitting on a car?! And it's on fire?!

Rodriguez: Maybe I'm on the wrong page.

Endicott: (laughs) Are you on some other band's page?

Rodriguez: Maybe. Anyway, tell me about the new album (The Sun and the Moon).

Endicott: It is different from the first album in two major ways. The first thing is that on the first album we tried to make it a dance party the whole way through. This one was more like, whatever comes out we just roll with it. There's dance songs, slow songs, rock songs, two acoustic songs, and there's even a waltz. It's just more eclectic, more all over the place. The second thing is that we're always trying to find new sounds - new textures and colors to put into our music. We got together a shitload of weird instruments and went to a studio in Atlanta, threw the instruments in a room, painted over the windows, and were holed up in there for like four months, didn't talk to anyone, grew beards, and experimented with all these instruments.

Rodriguez: Did you guys do laundry in those four months?

Endicott: We may have done it once or twice, against a rock down by the creek.

Rodriguez: Do you hang out in Chelsea at all, there in New York?

Endicott: Not too much. I live in Lower East Side, in Alphabet City. That's where I usually hang. It's the area where all the bars are and where the bands play.

Rodriguez: Are you a microwbrew or PBR kind of guy?

Endicott: PBR. I like a good PBR.

Rodriguez: Are you a fan friendly band?

Endicott: Yes, very. We try to drink with them as much as possible.

Rodriguez: Are you a Gay friendly band?

Endicott: Hey man, it's all good. We're down with anyone who likes our music.

Rodriguez: Have you ever been to the big Pride party there in New York?

Endicott: The Pride parade? Um, I've seen it. You can't miss it. It's a pretty awesome spectacle.

Rodriguez: When you see Seattle on your tour itinerary, what goes through your mind?

Endicott: I am always sort of surprised by what a nice city Seattle is. It has a real eco-friendly vibe to it. It's beautiful and friendly. I always like being there. The shows we've had there have totally kicked ass. And obviously Seattle has a history of having a really good music scene.

Rodriguez: What's currently spinning in your iPOD?

Endicott: I don't listen to a lot of current stuff. Although, I have the new Bloc Party, Kings of Leon, and Modest Mouse. I listen to a lot of classic stuff, like from the British invasion era. Recently, I've really gotten into Deep Purple.

Rodriguez: Oh, that's weird.

Endicott: They're awesome!

Rodriguez: The new Modest Mouse is great.

Endicott: It's cool. It's really weird. It has like a pirate vibe to it, like chantey rock.

Rodriguez: Do you get super excited before you go on tour, like do you start packing y0ur clothes for the trip?

Endicott: Shit, thanks for reminding me! I need to do that.

Rodriguez: Is there anything wild or out of the ordinary that we can expect at your show?

Endicott: Sometimes we get in the crowd. We'll definitely get in your face.

Rodriguez: Will you get a chance to check out Seattle when you're here?

Endicott: I wish I could see more of the city during the day. But we'll probably go out and drink at night. I did go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame there (Experience Music Project).

Rodriguez: Okay Sam, time to let you get back to work. Safe travels to you and the other band members to Seattle. See you here on May 16.

Endicott: Alright, take care. See you soon then.

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