May 11, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 19
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Attention Scandi-Gay-vians! Syttende Gay is back!
Attention Scandi-Gay-vians! Syttende Gay is back!
After a successful launch in 2006, Syttende Gay returns to Café Metropolitain, 1701 E. Olive Way, near Starbucks on Capitol Hill, Thursday, 17 May 2007 at 9 p.m.

As a refresher or to those who are not familiar with what the term "Syttende" means, it's the Scandinavian term for the seventeenth of. In the context of which we are applying to, is the Norwegian Constitutional Day on The seventeenth of May, which in Norway is known as "Syttende Mai" hence therefore the Gay version "Syttende Gay", is a play on words.

The idea of having an event for Gay Scandinavians came about over a year ago when Erik Witzoe, a promoter for other local ethnic GLBT events, was in discussion with other ethnic Scandinavians, who for one wanted a post party event after the "Syttende Mai" parade in Ballard. This particular parade is fashioned after the parades in Norway, celebrated in national costumes known as "bunad" and the thousands of Norwegian flags and ribbon pendants. The parade in Ballard is also one of the biggest ethnic parades in North America and the biggest Syttende Mai parades outside of Oslo, with attendees of over 10,000. Secondly, with the GLBT Asians and Latinos holding events celebrating their cultural experience, it was felt that with the Scandinavians being the biggest of ethnic European groups in our region; the Scandinavians, should have an event were we could share our ethnic experience.

The Sons of Norway, for over 100 years, has been the biggest ethnic organization in North America; they've done an excellent job in preserving our culture and heritage. However, Sons of Norway cannot provide the needs of GLBT Norwegians, nor Scandinavians, at least currently. So it has been more of our hope to provide those needs, by possibly providing more than just an annual event, like Syttende Gay.

One other great aspect of celebrating Norwegian Constitution Day, is the Norwegian Constitution itself, it has made way for GLBT Norwegians to experience the same rights as heterosexual Norwegians. Scandinavia as a whole has been a progressive European region of compassionate human rights over the last few decades.

Syttende Gay premiered with over 200 people in attendance and most certainly should be even bigger knowing there is support and more publicity this year. Once again the venue will be themed in Norwegian red, white and blue, décor provide by the Jonathan Mathews Group / Kwanchai. Where else can you get the latest in hot Scandinavian dance club music? How about pølse med lompe? a Norwegian hot dog in potato lefse, this delight is a tradition in Ballard on the 17th of May and you have to wait in line almost 20-25 min. for it. Of course we have other festivities lined up for all that are interested, because all of our events are inclusive to all.

One very important mention, as always, we collect and raise money for Lambert House, see Our events being non-profit, we collect funds for what we feel is a vital community organization. Lambert House is an organization that is there for the GLBT youth and being a youth can be challenging to a world that does not always embrace them in their orientation, also they may fall vulnerable to harmful elements of society. Lambert House provides a safe haven and programs to build them into productive and confident citizens.

All the GLBT events may now be viewed on Homse is the Norwegian term for Gay. You may also contact by calling 206-330-5539, for further details. If you are interested in attending the Syttende Mai parade, visit .

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