May 11, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 19
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Coast to Coast Marriage Equality Marches on May 19th in Support of the Freedom to Marry
Coast to Coast Marriage Equality Marches on May 19th in Support of the Freedom to Marry
SAN FRANCISCO, California -- On Saturday, May 19, 2007, Marriage Equality USA (MEUSA) and Marriage Equality New York (MENY) are partnering together for simultaneous walks across the Brooklyn Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge in support of marriage equality.

"As we celebrate the third anniversary of marriage licenses being issued to same-sex couples in Massachusetts, we will also be marching in support of the leadership of our two influential states' legislative and judicial efforts currently underway to end the exclusion of Gay and Lesbian couples from civil marriage," said Pamela Brown, MEUSA Policy Director. "If we could combine the California Legislature with New York's Governor Elliot Switzer, who has introduced legislation in support of marriage equality, we would have marriage equality now, and fulfill this quest for basic fairness for all families."

In New York, marchers will gather at 11am (EST) at Foley Square (near City Hall across the street from 60 Centre St.) proceeding across the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn, ending with a picnic and festival in Cadman Plaza. In San Francisco, marchers will gather at 9:30am (PST) at the west end of Crissy Field to march across the Golden Gate Bridge and then return to Crissy Field for wedding cake, entertainment and prizes. Prior to the march in San Francisco, at 10am (PST), a press conference will be held to recognize Assembly Member Mark Leno who has re-introduced AB 43 (Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act) and the local County Clerks that stood in support of marriage equality during the 2007 Valentine's day marriage counter actions. In addition, a call will be placed across the country to speak with our fellow advocates marching in New York City.

"MEUSA and MENY strongly believe that securing marriage equality will result from Americans becoming more familiar with the LGBTI community and how the exclusion from marriage harms our families," said Ron Zacchi, MEUSA National Event Coordinator. "We encourage all Americans to tell their stories about how this issue impacts their extended families, their work environments and their own sense of well-being - this is simply an issue of education - our fellow citizens are good, fair-minded people, once they understand how this exclusion unfairly harms our families, they overwhelmingly support equal access to civil marriage protections for our community."

Additional information on both events can be found on the web at: Founded in 1998, Marriage Equality USA is a national grassroots organization whose mission is to secure legally recognized civil marriage equality for all, at the federal and state level, without regard to gender identity or sexual orientation . For more information go to For information on Marriage Equality New York go to

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