May 4, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 18
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Tuesday, May 26, 2020



Lipstick and Lust
Yes, Virginia, there will be a Pride this year, the horrors of construction, and more in this Lipstick and Lust
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Ah, the community I love to get mad at, sometimes, but love anyway, is having 'growing pains'. That's what this one will call the recent dramas unfolding over this year's Pride. And we will not engage in any namecalling here (we're too highbrow for that, my luvs), but we will say this: folks, get over yourselves and remember none of us owns the event, or the idea that Pride is. So there, and oh, there are folks who've been around since the sun first shined (or almost), who know more than some young upstarts talkin' trash, so step off. 'Kay? 'Kay.

All of that being said, this one has been enduring some complete strangeness in her building (check out my blog for more on that drama!), and she is definitely over the horrid construction project that SHA (Seattle Housing Authority-no, honey, this one is not in her dream house yet) has foisted upon the residents of my building. The loud louts who are doing the construction--maybe being in Gay territory makes some men feel a little overwhelmed and maybe this is why they're acting like overgrown five-year-old boys, who knows--and the ever present noise, and of course the destruction of my beloved cherry tree 'couple' by those same louts. Agh, the inhumanity of it all!

Well, enough about that dearies, and let me just say that The Wet Spot has been a lot more exciting in the last two weeks, with me picking up not one, but two new bottoms and a new 'playmate' for the sheets. I'll keep you posted on that! And, unfortunately, the Norwescon 'hookup' seems to have fallen flat (though we're still holding out a little hope, so nothing on that front, unfortunately. And yes, we did try some new products that I'll share with you now. Oh, oh, and this one did finally put another ad on Craigslist, hoping her days of singlehood might come to an end and she'll be able to find a use for that sweet skirtset she's picked out for future nuptials, should that happen soon (and yes, 'army sweetie' is the 'chosen one', but honey, we are keeping options open, ya know).

First of all, do try 'Tangerine Vert' by Miller Harris, which this one loves sooo much, and if you're looking for something femmy and a little more elegant, do try 'Tresor' by Lancome (which I'm wearing right now, hoping for some 'akshon', if you know what I mean!). Also loving Lancome's 'High Resolution Eye Cream', and their 'Nutrix Royal' moisturizer (which makes you look dewy fresh and young as the season we're in right now!). So, there you are my little cherry tomatoes, and do keep my beloved, in Iraq in your thoughts/prayers so that one returns safe and sound to this land. And do e-mail me and let me know your thoughts at, as well as check out the blog of the same name at your first opportunity. Buhbye!

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