April 6, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 14
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ISCSORE Board President, Local Drag Icon Named ICS Heirs
ISCSORE Board President, Local Drag Icon Named ICS Heirs
by Sara Michelle Fetters - SGN Contributing Writer

Madison Lane-Weston, a.k.a. Keith Hafner, and Aleksa Manila, a.k.a. Arnold Martin, have been named by recently crowned International Court System (ICS) Queen Mother Nicole the Great, a.k.a. Nicole Murray Ramirez, of San Diego heir apparents to her throne. Effective immediately, they also become members of the ICS Council, which is responsible for helping to shape the direction of the organization both on the local and international levels.

"I [am] extremely honored and humbled," said Lane-Weston, current Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle (ISCSORE) Board President and former Empress of Seattle Olympia XXXI. "I have been a member of the ICS for over 22 years and this was never a vision on my horizon."

Her sentiments are echoed by fellow inductee Manila, herself just recently stepping down as Olympia XXXV and a member of the Seattle HIV/AIDS Planning Council Prioritization Committee. "It is truly humbling to have been chosen with such a collection of fantastic individuals, including Miss Lane-Weston. I was, of course, pleasantly excited, and--as I have been politically and socially active over the past few years with many local and national agencies--now having the ability to tap into this organization as a resource is a great opportunity."

"The new Council will have leaders from courts with many years of experience but they will be balanced by new voices with new ideas," stated Nicole in her statement proclaiming Lane-Weston and Manila newly appointed heirs. "I have always believed that the strength of the Courts' past and the promise of its future will make for a successful Council."

For those wondering why any of this is important, Manila is more than willing to try and explain. "I'm not an expert or a historian," she said, "but what I do know is that the ICS is really quite significant in regards to LGBT history, not just in the United States, but in the world. Sadly, a number of people are quick to forget or even acknowledge this rich history of ours, which goes back at least four decades."

"The Imperial Court Council is the advisory [unit] inside the ICS," continued Lane-Weston, "and Seattle is very fortunate to have two appointments to this council. I am looking forward to working with Aleksa as the other appointed heir from the Northwest. Working together, I am sure we can make the changes that Nicole is asking from all of us as we enter into her vision of the 'Age of Renaissance' for the ICS."

Still, some see the ICS and ISCSORE as being out of touch with modern ways of thinking, archaic institutions on their way out. Not so, according to these two. "With [Nicole's] passion, commitment and dedication to various significant causes, including the ICS, this organization is headed towards a brighter and more vibrant future that is definitely in step with the times," said Manila.

"Just this past weekend in New York City, Nicole signed an accord with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) to unite the two organizations in a common goal of increasing the participation of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people in the pursuit of equality in the United States," added Lane-Weston. "[Locally], we need to strive for our original reason for formation, social organization for social change and leadership. The addition of the NGLTF is a tremendous asset I am extremely excited about."

As for the two new heirs, as thrilled as both of them are and as active as they continue to be in the community they're still trying to take some time to let this honor wash over them. "I really am just enjoying the moment right now," said Manila. "I am still very much involved with, amongst others, ISCSORE, the Seattle Commission for Sexual Minorities, Seattle Counseling Service and the Seattle LGBT Community Center. And, in-between, I try and find some quality time with my husband, Matthew. We're trying to come to an agreement on the color of a new sofa. I'm really quite domestic, you know."

"For me, I am quite involved with a lot of issues as ISCSORE Board President," stated Lane-Weston. "At the moment, I am balancing my energies on our next event, the Imperial Prince and Princess Ball on April 8, while also formulating [the rest] of our entire year of activities. Personally, however, my husband and I recently moved to Mill Creek into a new housing development, so I am focused on unpacking, putting up curtains and landscaping. Life is certainly busy!"
photo above: Aleksa Manila

below: Madison Lane Weston

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