April 6, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 14
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Sunday, Jan 26, 2020



Lipstick and Lust
Being half asleep, people who don't get that I'm dating a soldier, and more in this Lipstick and Lust
Okay, for the umpteenth time, I so hate living in Seattle. And why do I hate living here (besides the lack of really good dates that are worthy of being playmates with yours truly), well, I'm tired of having people say things like : 'what, you're still sweeties?', or 'life can be hectic', when I tell them my lover is going to Iraq, or leave the message on my voice mail that 'my sweetie's going to Iraq'. Yes, I still love said soldier, and no calling from Ft. Lewis, or not calling when they're being sent overseas to be shot at is not a requirement to break up with them, for me. Nor is my love going to get shot at 'hectic' or 'just life being difficult'. Ah, the Seattle mentality. Gotta love how clueless these very educated folks can be.

Okay, now that that's off my substantial chest (hey, at least they're not as big as a certain website's -- 'Big Black Video' --denizens.), let's move on to more interesting matters. Like how I'm both horny and itchy, because 'that time' is near and we haven't had enough of 'sack time' if you get my meaning. Where is my favorite harem member when I really need it, eh? All I can say is baby get your sweet backside back to my digs or I'm gonna come to Tacoma and hunt your ass down. Then, we'll see who's in charge of who.

Anyway, I'm still chagrined over two of my fave trees being ripped out of their resting ground because Seattle Housing (the landlords I currently find myself under) is so busy trying to 'upgrade' our building (and instead just make mess after mess and make our building look like that wreck in 'Brazil') they are willing to disregard warning about global warming and destroy yet more trees. Stupid pencil pushing fools! Guess we'll be looking like Venus any day now, and then those idiots will be happy.

Ah, but good news! I think a certain Army Ranger might have finally gotten my message and I might see that one on Saturday, if I can talk my right hand girl into going on a 'mission' to Tacoma this weekend. Oh, pray for a girl won't you my little sweet tarts? And yes, I did try some delicious new products, including DHC's 'Platinum Silver Nonocolloid Cream', and Platinum Silver Nanocolloid Milky Essence'. Both look like a certain other substance some of you might have seen at the end of some extremely 'frisky business', but the stuff makes my skin look so marvelous, one can just forget the similarities. Ah hee ah hee ah hee.

Also tried DHC's 'Eye Bright' too for my too puffy eyes -- crying all night over 'army sweetie' leaving for the war zone can make a girl look not so hot the next day, know wha' I'm sayin'? And do try 'Black Orchid' by Tom Ford, which'll make anyone in a two foot radius notice you and say what someone said to me when I was wearing it the other night ('you are beautiful, really, really beautiful').

So, that's if for now my darling edible pansies, and do keep the good thoughts for safe return coming for my darling, who'll be overseas any day now. Stay in love forever -- no matter how many 'naysayers' tell you to 'move on' and spread peace wherever you go. And do e-mail me at Buhbye!

Oh, and newsflash, I'm so crushed out on the new 'rewards princess', who is on that commercial about the princess who keeps kissing different beasts, hoping to find a prince, but never does. Oh, baby! Don't forget my beautiful blog (, please visit it often and leave your little luv notes for yours truly.

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