April 6, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 14
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Dear SGN,
In last week's edition (3/30/07) you printed a letter from Chris Smith, blaming the organizers of the March 17-19 anti-war demonstrations for having three separate events instead of one march only. Since I had a small role in organizing the "Ending the War Begins at Home" march and rally on March 19, I felt I should reply.

In the first place, the overwhelming reality of the weekend's events was unity, not disunity. The march I worked on brought together the labor movement, progressive churches, peace activists, and - perhaps the most exciting development - organizations centered in communities of color, like the Comite pro Amnistia, LELO, and United Indians of All Tribes. The Troops Home Now Coalition, which also had a march on the same day, organized mainly among students and younger military veterans. In fact, THNC was invited to speak at our rally at the Federal Building.

Second, organizers of the marches spent no time at all "fighting with each other," as Chris Smith stated. Everyone understood from the beginning that there would be multiple rallies and marches. All the organizers went out their way to accommodate each other and ensure that the weekend's marches were not presented as competing events.

Third, it was the Seattle Police, and not any of the march organizers, who wanted there to be only a single event. I've been in discussions with both THNC and ANSWER folks, and I think they're principled people who wanted to present their own perspective on the war to their own constituencies. What's wrong with that? Why shouldn't there be a diversity of organizing efforts?

In my view, diverse organizing efforts and diverse tactics are a sign of the breadth of the anti-war movement. We should recognize and applaud that. The last thing we need is to force everyone into what might prove to be artificial "unity."

Mike Andrew

Dear SGN,

With Easter not too far away, it is a time to view and to participate in one of the most memorable special days throughout the world; giving credence to a time celebrated in homes, churches, stores and cemeteries.

Perhaps the spirit of the occasion refreshes us emotionally as we discover moments of sanctity in the world in which we live.

May Easter give you a true sense of being in a world of contradictions? You are not alone.

Buzz Flowers

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