April 6, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 14
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Moisture Festival goes out with a bang - April Fools' grand finale marathon is a hoot
Moisture Festival goes out with a bang - April Fools' grand finale marathon is a hoot
by E. Joyce Glasgow - SGN A&E Writer

The 2007 Moisture Festival went out with a bang last Sunday night with its April Fools' grand finale marathon performance. Most of the sold-out audience of adults and children made it through the first two acts with a large group of diehards staying on to the end.

The five and three quarter hour variety performance (with two fifteen minute intermissions) was jam-packed with talent and laughter. There were a lot of wild, let it all hang out, last night improvisations and surprises as well.

The duo, Curly Burly, performed some thrilling trapeze work and the Aerialistas, as beautiful winged faeries, performed graceful and strenuous duets on hoops in the air. There were great performances by the Booby Trap Players, Zeroboy, Berlin clowns, Hacki Ginda and son, Moeppi Ginda, the Flordigan Can-Can Girls, Big Boys with Poise, sword swallower/fire eater, Moz Wright, Basque juggler, Iman Lizarazu, Du Caniveaux Dancing Bears, Tamara the Trapeze Lady, Widow Twankey and the Copper, Blues singers Caela and the Dangerous Flares, Anne Euendo and Dudly Entendre, Johnny Jetpack, music from Schmoozie the Clod, Armitage Shanks and Pinky D'Ambrosia from Circus Contraption, Godfrey Daniels, Mud Bay Jugglers, singer Linda Severt, cabaret singer Berlin's Chantal, percussionist/tap-dancer Michael Clifton, magician Magical Mystical Michael, Chickee and Boom Boom, The Peculiars, the Amazing Mendeasy, swing players Hot Club Sandwich, and the fantastic showband, the Zebra Kings/Fremont Philharmonic, which has supported all the acts throughout the Moisture Festival with terrific, interesting, well played and lively music.

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