April 6, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 14
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Soulforce's crusade for Equality comes to Washington State
by Liz Meyer - SGN Contributing Writer

It could very well be Pastor Ken Hutcherson's worst nightmare.

Two buses full of young LGBT misfits are traveling across the country, spreading a message of tolerance and acceptance throughout various universities. And one bus is headed right for us.

But if that weren't enough to scare the bejee
27 arrested at ACT UP 20tNNIVERSARY DEMO - 500 MARCH, DEMAND SINGLE-PAYER HEALTH CAREh Anniversary Demo - 500 march, demand single-payer health care
27 arrested at ACT UP 20th Anniversary Demo - 500 march, demand single-payer health care by Rex Wockner - SGN Contributing Writer

NEW YORK -- Five hundred people marched and 27 were arrested as ACT UP celebrated its 20th birthday on March 29 with a demonstration demanding a single-payer health care system and drug price contro
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Alaska voters pass advisory measure to ban state domestic partner benefits
53 to 47 percent favor adoption of constitutional amendment

by Lisa Keen - SGN Contributing Writer

Alaska illustrated well this week that, when it comes to same-sex marriage, Newton's third law applies: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Voters in the state approved a ballot measure th
Anti-discrimination, relationship rights bills making headway in Oregon
by Jacob Clark - SGN Staff Writer

The Oregon Senate voted 21-7 to pass a bill last month banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment, housing, public accommodation, education and public services. The Oregon Equality Act, Senate Bill 2, will now come before the House Elections, Ethics and Rules Committee fo
The OutField: Evan Darling Revs His Engine
by Dan Woog - SGN Contributing Writer

"Evan Darling" sounds like the fake name of a Gay porn star. But there really is an Evan Darling - and the gearshift knobs he grabs and cockpits he enters are not porn double entendres. Evan Darling is a race car driver, and if life works out as he hopes, he will soon turn on his mean mac
ISCSORE Board President, Local Drag Icon Named ICS Heirs
by Sara Michelle Fetters - SGN Contributing Writer

Madison Lane-Weston, a.k.a. Keith Hafner, and Aleksa Manila, a.k.a. Arnold Martin, have been named by recently crowned International Court System (ICS) Queen Mother Nicole the Great, a.k.a. Nicole Murray Ramirez, of San Diego heir apparents to her throne. Effective immediately,
My partner is now using meth
by Michael Raitt, MA, LMHC - SGN Contributing Writer

Michael, for a while now, I have been suspecting that my partner has been doing meth. We have been in relationship for just over 5 years and after we had a big fight, he finally admitted he has been doing this for a couple of months. I was really pissed and now I dont kno
Reproductive freedom & LGBT rights: We are stronger when we work together
by Lisa Walls - SGN Contributing Writer

Last week's Pharmacy Board hearing made big headlines in the state, and was illustrative of how important it is for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community and reproductive rights advocates to maintain a united front. There are many who would deny us access to healthcare, re
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