March 23, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 12
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The Seattle LGBT Center announces plans for Queer Fest
The Seattle LGBT Center announces plans for Queer Fest
It's Pride time and The Center is once again stepping up. "We are deeply committed to a wonderful Pride month, and to continuing the tradition of bringing people together to make this happen," says Seattle LGBT Community Center Executive Director, Shannon Thomas.

For the second year in a row The Center is producing QueerFest, in Volunteer Park, which will showcase music, a Queer arts walk, and the traditional movie-in-the-park. QueerFest was created last year out of the cry for an event that didn't leave folks unheard and uninvolved in Pride festivities. They wanted to create something unique from what was happening downtown, and could be a vehicle for out artists to be themselves and to showcase their talents in safe, independent and supportive environment. Not only will QueersFest continue to bring together a community of out musicians, but the festival also strives to bridge the social, economic, political and generational gaps in the LGBTQ community by presenting a diverse, provocative and affordable event.

QueerFest planning is well underway, with Community Forums to be announced next week. "The Center will be calling on our community, just as our community called on us last year, to assist with volunteer time and donations to make this the best event possible," says Thomas.

The LGBT Community Center is also about to launch a new fundraising campaign that seeks to raise funds to hire additional staff, strengthen existing programs, and tackle new community issues as the need arises. A new website and materials will launch this campaign in late March.

The Center believes we must focus on the reality that building our community over the long term is far more important than any quick wins. That we must be willing to invest in our community - with dollars and time. That we must be willing to be visible as LGBTQ people, and always speak honestly about our lives, without disingenuous whitewashing and sanitizing to make us more acceptable to the 'mainstream.' "The key to progressive wins - and Pride in Seattle - is that everyone is included and no one gets left behind - not people of color, not elders, not trans people, not disabled people, not bi people, not Native people, not leather people, not youth - not anyone, not anymore."

For more information on QueerFest, or other volunteering, or to make a donation, Shannon can be reached by emailing

A Seattle LGBT Center press release

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