March 16, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 11
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March and rally against occupation if Iraq, diversion of resources from human needs
March and rally against occupation if Iraq, diversion of resources from human needs
Bring the troops home, bring the money home, bring the jobs home!

Pride At Work, the AFL-CIO's LGBT constituency organization, is joining with 60 other labor, community, and faith organizations to organize this march on Monday, March 19, against US occupation of Iraq, and the diversion of resources from human needs in our local communities. Gather at the Federal Court House (700 Stewart St., Seattle) at 3:00 p.m.; march to City Hall and Federal Building; rally at the Federal Building (915 2nd Ave., Seattle) at 4:30 p.m.

Not only has the war devastated Iraq and left more than 600,000 Iraqis and more than 3000 US service personnel dead, but it has robbed the US economy of billions of dollars that could have been applied to social needs. The National Priorities Project, a nonprofit research organization, has estimated that the war has diverted over $10.4 billion from Washington state, and almost $1 billion from the city of Seattle.

Anti-war resolutions recognizing the devastating effects of the war on our local communities have been presented to the Seattle City Council and MLK County Council. One of the aims of the March 19 march and rally is to help convince City and County Council members to pass these resolutions and in turn pressure our state's congressional delegation to bring the war to a speedy end.

Pride At Work was the first AFL-CIO affiliate to oppose the invasion of Iraq, having passed a resolution in October 2002, before the shooting even started. Since then, Pride At Work has consistently reaffirmed opposition to the Bush Administration's war policy and, at its National Convention last August, called for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

Notable among the other principal organizers of the march are several organizations led by people of color, AFSC, American Muslims of Puget Sound, Comite pro Amnistia, LELO (Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organizing), and the MLK Jr Celebration Committee. The Church Council of Greater Seattle, Jobs With Justice, the MLK County Labor Council and several individual union locals, SNOW (Seattle Nonviolent Opponents of War), and Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation have also taken a leading role.

The list of endorsing organizations to date follows:

Church Council of Greater Seattle, MLK Jr. County Labor Council, OPEIU 8, IBU Puget Sound Region, IBU R.37, Washington State Jobs with Justice, LELO, American Federation of Government Employees Local 3937, Sound Nonviolent Opponents of War, American Friends Service Committee, Pride at Work (AFL-CIO), Seattle Young People's Project, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee, Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation, American Muslims of Puget Sound, Allyship, Capitol Hill Neighbors for Peace and Justice, Cedar Tree Architects, Cloud City Construction, , US Women and Cuba Collaboration, El Comite Pro Amnistia General y Justica Social, Freedom Socialist Party, Green Party of Seattle, International Socialist Organization, Jewish Peace Fellowship, L.D. Brown Framing, , Lutheran Peace Fellowship, Lutheran Public Policy Office of Washington State, Mothers for Police Accountability, North Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice, Northwest Artisans, Not a Number Cards and Gifts, Okanogan Highlands Bottling Company, Peace Action, Peace and Justice Resource Center, Radical Women, Rauschenbusch Center for Spirit and Action, Reclaim the Media, Seattle Fellowship of Reconciliation, Seattle Gay News, Seattle Peace Heathens, Seattle Women in Black, SNOWFremont, Thirty-sixth District Democrats, Trikkon NW, Troops Home Now Coalition, United Indians of all Tribes Foundation, University Unitarian Church, Urban Press, West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice.

For more information contact Michael Andrew, Secretary/Treasurer of Pride At Work MLK County, 206-261-8110,

A Pride at Work press release

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