March 16, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 11
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The Greater Seattle Business Association announces its 26th Annual Business & Humanitarian Award recipients, focuses special attention on social change through the arts
The Greater Seattle Business Association announces its 26th Annual Business & Humanitarian Award recipients, focuses special attention on social change through the arts
The Greater Seattle Business Association announces its 26th Annual Business & Humanitarian Award recipients, focuses special attention on social change through the arts SEATTLE - Mar 07, 2007 - The Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA), the country's largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) business chamber, announces the recipients for its 26th Annual Business & Humanitarian Awards.

"GSBA business and nonprofit leaders have been an integral part of the economic vitality of Seattle for 26 years," GSBA Executive Director Louise Chernin said. "Certainly, without the partnerships created between businesses, nonprofit organizations, religious leaders and individuals working together, our community would not have seen the recent passage of a statewide domestic partnership bill through our state senate."

Awards were given to recipients at a special dinner on Friday, March 02 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Downtown Seattle.

For more than a quarter century, GSBA has been honoring those individuals who have exemplified best practices in business and also demonstrated outstanding community philanthropy and leadership.

"We look forward to honoring these LGBT and allied business, nonprofit and community leaders for both their acumen and their commitment to achieving a more diverse and inclusive community," added Chernin.

And the recipients are &

Fuel Coffee

Owner Dani Cone is quick to credit her success to the support and loyalty of her customers. . Her business is booming; she has two locations open now and plans a third in Wallingford soon. Cone thrives on competition and believes this competitive spirit has been one of her greatest assets. Community involvement is vital to Cone's spirit, and she is an integral part of the neighborhoods in which her businesses are located.

Tamara Murphy (BRASA Restaurant)

World-renowned chef and co-owner of Brasa Restaurant for eight years, Murphy is a local icon. It is a challenge for any new restaurant to succeed, yet Murphy has firmly established herself as a fixture on the local scene. She credits the success of her business to her staff and her determination to be the best at what she does Murphy is proud to report most of her ingredients are seasonal, locally-grown and organic from sustainable sources. She's quite active in her community.

Roy Hamrick (Hamrick Investment Counsel)

Hamrick credits his success to perseverance, integrity, and passion for what he does. He cites his membership in GSBA as crucial in encouraging him to think that he really could be successful in running a business. His early volunteer work with nonprofits was the key for him in developing contacts and skills necessary to be able to be a successful businessman. His list of community involvement is impressive.

Three Dollar Bill Cinema

For 11 years, Three Dollar Bill Cinema has fostered an environment in which diverse sections of the community can come together in support and appreciation of LGBT film and filmmakers. They provide a global visibility for Seattle's LGBT community through the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Incredibly, they have accomplished this feat without the benefit of paid staff, relying solely on their volunteers to implement the program.

Beth Reis

Reis has been quietly working for the past 27 years to make our local, state, national and international communities safer for our children and those who teach them. As founder and co-chair of the Safe Schools Coalition, Reis' work reduces bias-based bullying and violence in schools. With a mere $20,000 annual budget, Reis is able to draw upon collaborations with the public and private sectors to educate, advocate and intervene on behalf of individual students, educators and families experiencing sexual orientation and identity-based harassment and violence. Her program has become the role model in at least 41 states, six Canadian provinces and eight countries around the world.

Herban Feast

Owner BJ Duft epitomizes dedication, caring and enthusiasm. With more than 2,000 events catered in the past four years, Herban Feast has a proven track record. Herban Feast Catering is the first catering company in the greater Puget Sound area to become a member of Puget Sound Fresh, a coalition of businesses supporting local, sustainable farms. The company has provided support and donated their services to a breathtaking array of causes.

(awarded to three, local LGBT community films):

A Journey Of Spirit
A Journey of Spirit is a wonderfully vibrant and moving film that makes us laugh, cry and sing! Ann Coppel's thought-provoking documentary explores the transformation of liberal Jewish worship over the past 30 years through the inspirational story of pre-eminent American Jewish singer/songwriter, Debbie Friedman.

Inlaws and Outlaws
Inlaws and Outlaws by Drew Emery, is a film built around intimate, first-person storytelling. Shot in the summer of 2004, and funded, in part, by a development grant from the Mayor's office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, this film goes beyond rhetoric and straight to the heart. Whether loving inside or outside of marriage, struggling to get in or suing to get out, we follow the lives of ordinary folks s that navigate their own path to happily every after.

Mom's Apple Pie
Mom's Apple Pie which was written, produced and directed by Three Big Dykes, comprised of Jody Laine, Shan Ottey and Shad Reinstein. It is the story of the custody struggle and courage faced by Lesbian mothers in the 70's and the organization that formed to advocate on their behalf, The Lesbian Mothers National Defense Fund.

Jody Laine and Shad Reinstein

Sometimes ordinary people do extraordinary things, and sometimes, those extraordinary accomplishments are done by very extraordinary folks. What does it take to do activist work for nearly 30 years? How is it possible to stay that involved and not get burned out, but on the contrary continue to be energized to tackle new issues - to care about peace, the LGBT community, women's rights, labor issues, issues of racism, classism and every other ism - but most importantly to stay connected, involved and have the ability to lead and inspire others to get involved - from the Peace Camp, board service on international, national and local organizations, grassroots to major political organizing using tactics from nonviolent civil disobedience, education, demonstrations, theater and now film.

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