March 9, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 10
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Iraq War: Your chance to get involved in ending this war
Iraq War: Your chance to get involved in ending this war
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN Staff Writer

Even as I write this, my dear one is preparing with others like him to go overseas as part of George Bush's troop surge--in a supposed effort to stabilize the region under the most fire in Iraq. That's if you believe the latest hype for a war that has cost millions of dollars and thousands of lives, in U.S. troops and Iraqi civilians. But there is hope to be found in an ever growing anti-war movement (some of which is coming from the rank and file soldiers in the trenches), which will be hoping to send a message on the fourth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq on March 18th during a noon rally at Westlake Plaza (4th & Pine, Seattle).

Thousands are expected to join together in marching all over the country in an effort to speak out on the wrongness of this war, and if you've not already gotten involved, then you'll have a chance this weekend. On March 9th, you can gather together with like-minded folks for a party/fundraiser, to be held at 111 25th Avenue, Apt. 301, to raise money for the planned 'Citywide Student Walkout' coordinated with the rally and march coming up March 18th.

So, if you're upset that your tax dollars are being misspent in this pointless war effort, join these folks in raising money to make for a loud, visible march that'll send a message that we're mad and we're not taking it anymore. For more information, call 206-293-8389.

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