March 9, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 10
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Kate Clinton produces non-stop laughs at the Moore Theater
Kate Clinton produces non-stop laughs at the Moore Theater
By E. Joyce Glasgow - SGN A&E Writer

Kate Clinton strode onto the stage at the Moore Theater, looking sleek in a well-tailored black suit, short haircut and hip, geometric glasses, with a giant, beautiful, warm smile and a charming, relaxed and confident presence that had her audience instantly with her and ready to be entertained.

Clinton is an incredible comedienne. She is articulate, has great comic timing and incorporates up-to-the-minute political and popular news into her stand-up routine. She quipped several times, self-effacingly, about new material she had come up with during her flight from New York to Seattle earlier that day: "that one seemed funny over Minnesota".

Few politicos escaped being roasted. There was great material about George Bush, his mother Barbara, Dick Cheney and his daughter Mary, Celine Dion, the Oscars, Donald Rumsfeld, Gay marriage, religion, "aversion therapy" and many Lesbian and Gay sexual double entendres. She has really had it with George Bush and joked about her attempts to view life with a more "spiritual" approach, yet not being able to stop herself from screaming every time she sees the President.

Clinton is a Lesbian and lives with her partner of many years in New York. Although a good part of her Saturday night audience was Lesbian and Gay, her humor transcends sexual preference and any open-minded straight person could appreciate and enjoy her very universal material with just as much gusto. Her jokes were so funny, I found myself laughing at all of them and clapping in recognition of truisms she expressed. My companion was also constantly laughing.

I don't think I've ever heard a comic who made me consistently laugh so much, ever, and her hour and a half set went by in a breeze. I couldn't believe that she is about to turn sixty. Her appearance and spirit are so youthful. Her comedy however reflects the nearly sixty years of wisdom, observations and insights that have led her to be such a seasoned performer. Clinton graciously took time to greet well-wishers after the show in the lobby. If you ever get a chance to catch her act, I highly recommend it.

Clinton's appearance was sponsored by Foolproof, a local, non-profit Seattle presenting organization, founded in 1997, striving to engage people to participate in their democracy by presenting inspiring speakers throughout the year. Their motto is "be entertained, be informed, be involved" and their goal is to "articulate and amplify progressive thought". Past speakers have included; Bill Clinton, Ann Richards, Molly Ivans, Gloria Steinem and Bill Moyers.

To close out Foolproof's current season, "This American Life" NPR radio personality and writer, Sarah Vowell, will appear on March 31st at the Moore Theater, as will the very funny comedienne, Paula Poundstone, on April 13th. For more information about Foolproof, visit For more information about Kate Clinton, visit

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