February 23, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 08
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Night of FantAsia returns for eighth year
Night of FantAsia returns for eighth year
The number eight is considered a good number in the Asian culture and Seattle's long running GLBT Asian night "Night FantAsia" turns eight this year. Night FantAsia - Anniversary Eight comes to Nijo Sushi Bar and Grill, near the Seattle waterfront, Saturday the 24th of February 2007.

Nijo Sushi Bar was chosen this year, for numerous reasons. Ms. Jasmine Mac the owner, is considered very well connected with the GLBT community, and has been very generous to causes such as Lambert House, in the last few years. Nijo also has hosted numerous GLBT events in the past and has been well received by supportive guest The last related event at Nijo, was "Paradise Pride 2006" where local talent such as Aleksa Manila and Teriyaki Temple made their appearance and might also be noted that both have played important roles in Night FantAsia's past. Mostly too, is that being an Asian event, Nijo is an Asian (Japanese) venue as well, which is a better fit for this particular event. Nijo as a venue as well as a fantastic place to dine, has a wonderful bar setting. Though intimate, it is a social setting filled with lots of energy and good times with good company.

As a refresher and for those who are not familiar with the history of Night FantAsia, the history begins at the end of 1998 when the need to create an event that focused on the gay Asian community, was prompted by such events that were occurring in major cities in California and in Vancouver, BC at that time. Erik Witzoe and other important players such as Leroy Chin, initiated meetings and developed a Night FantAsia committee. On Wednesday the 24 of February of 1999, Night FantAsia made it's appearance at the former venue The turnout of almost 300 people in attendance surprised the naysayers, or basically those who questioned whether Seattle could support such an event. The first year, the event was a monthly event, after that the event was held occasionally due to venue closures and changes.

Night FantAsia - Anniversary Eight promises to be an event, worth supporting. The venue will be decorated in it's traditional Night FantAsia glory, the music also promises to be the best yet, with a selective choice of highly energetic dance favourites. As for the entertainment, we have a few drag performances to keep with tradition; to this day Night FantAsia has had almost every top drag entertainer perform through the years. Once again this event will be raising funds for Lambert House, see A cover will not be in effect, though we will ask guest for their generous financial support for this very important cause. All guests must be 21+ w/id, since this is a licensed venue. Nijo Sushi Bar and Grill is located at 83 Spring Street and Post Alley, see For further info you can also log on to

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