February 23, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 08
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A deliciously upbeat telling of one of the greatest musical tragedies enlivens the 5th Avenue Theatre
A deliciously upbeat telling of one of the greatest musical tragedies enlivens the 5th Avenue Theatre
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story
Directed by David Bennett
Starring: Billy Joe Huels, Mike Daugherty, Jennifer Paz, Matt Weiner
Peter A. Jacobs, Peter Crook, Angie Louise, Kelly Van Camp
Brandon O'Neil
February 13-March 4th

In 1956, the Korean war was ending, segregation was in full swing, and, in between all of this turmoil of a world about to change in the late '60's, musician Buddy Holly from Lubbock, Texas, was about to turn music on its ear. At the crest of the wave of what has now come to be known as 'rockabilly' , Holly and his band, 'The Crickets' launched themselves like little sputniks into the fertile firmament of the world's collective listening ear. And with songs like 'Maybe, Baby,' and the standard 'Peggy Sue', Holly quickly became a legend outside of Lubbock.

Unfortunately, this fame was short-lived, as Holly, and his friends, fellow singers Richie Valens, and 'The Big Bopper' all died in a tragic plane crash in February, 1959. In between, he got married, played with some of the greatest of the time, and made inroads into joining white musicians and Black musicians together through the common chord of music, particularly early Rock and Roll music.

This journey is explored with a capable ensemble cast, which includes Billy Joe Huels, who has sung with The Dusty 45s as the legendary Holly in the 5th Avenue's production, 'Buddy'. The piece is full of great music--the stronger part of the show--and a backdrop of videos shot on the road and supposedly from cities Holly played. The part that lagged was some of the dialogue, which, at times, seemed a bit hokey compared to how dynamic the music was. Still, it's a very delightful show that'll have toes tapping and should please audiences who grew up with this music and those who love rock and roll.

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