February 23, 2007
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Issue 08
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Mr. Nude Seattle contest back with a bang
Mr. Nude Seattle contest back with a bang
by Martin Storm - Special to the SGN

With a little over a month before the 9th Annual Mr. Nude Seattle contest, I took a short break from putting up posters, sending out emails, passing out flyers and, of course, going to the bars on Capital Hill to find that elusive yet shy contestant who might want to become the next Mr. Nude Seattle. As I take this breather, I have the chance to reflect on the previous eight years and the excitement each contest has brought to both me and the audience.

From the beginning, this event was a chance for me to do something different for the Seattle LGBT community. Not everyone wanted to go to a drag show to raise money, and not everyone wanted or needed to get their car washed on Saturday, so I came up with the idea of the Mr. Nude Seattle contest. I intended only to do one to raise money for a local charity, but it was immediately apparent after we packed the small space I had booked for the event we were going to have to do this contest again the following year.

That first year brought a fantastic Mr. Nude Seattle by the name of Dane Roberts. Not to put it lightly, Dane worked his ass off for the LGBT community by hosting WEENIE Roasts at CC Attles wearing nothing more than a string bikini and some tennis shoes. Come rain or shine, and even in the coldest weather, Dane was out there flipping those weenies out on the popular Seattle bar's patio.

Now we are working on our ninth contest. Each year has brought a wide variety of exciting contestants. Some were shy and while others have been perfectly comfortable with their nudity. With this years contest almost here, it is an honor that Sean Storm (no relation) from Cre8tive Juices will be returning to entertain the audience with lap dances and an enthusiastic striptease performance.

I had a chance to catch up with Sean and asked him some questions regarding his previous Mr. Nude Seattle performances amongst other things.

Martin Storm: Sean, the first time I saw you was about five years ago. I came home from work and you were walking around my house in a towel. Before I met you I had never had the opportunity to meet a porn star and at first glance I thought you looked about 14 years old and I was worried I was about to be arrested! Of course, you had recently shaved your body for a film you had finished the week before, so I never did ask you how old you were at that time. So, come clean, how old are you?

Sean Storm: Well, I would love to be 14 again. Well, maybe not 14, how about 21? But, truth be told, I recently turned 37.

MS: Not knowing your exact age, I would have guessed that you were in your mid-twenties. You live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, right now, have you always lived there?

SS: I actually grew up in Chillicothe, IL and graduated High School and moved on to Eastern Illinois University where I graduated with a 4.0 in Psychology.

MS: Wow ! A great looking porn star with a Psych degree. There's something you don't see every day. You don't give counseling to your co stars do you while they are, um, well& you know?

SS: [laughs] Nice one, but, sorry, no I do not.

MS: When did you start doing porn?

SS: Well my first film was in 1999 for Citiboyz Video and it was called FratBoy, Sean and Friends. Not long after that film I was discovered by Chip Daniels and ended up shooting seven pictures for his Centaur Films studio. I was working for Chip when I first came to Seattle for the Mr. Nude Seattle contest in 2001.

MS: Do you have any favorite films working with Chip?

SS: Man Academy and Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig were my favorite films for him. In 2002 I won the Best Solo Performance award at the Gay Video News Awards and the Grabby Awards for my work in Open Trench 2: F**k Fantasies.

MS: Now, you recently started your own production company and have done several films for it so far, and I understand you might be doing some filming while you are in Seattle this year for the contest?

SS: Yes, in 2005 I decided to start up my own production company with Ian Rawlings who has appeared in several of our movies. The name of the company is Cre8tive Juices, which has released four films to date: Direct Deposit, Hole Milk, Storm Surge and Juiced: The Need to Breed.

MS: Yes I am proud to say I currently have all the Storm Chronicles to date, even though I still haven't gotten the Juiced DVD yet (which is a hint by the way). Maybe after I get my tax refund back I'll pick it up. What better way to spend it than that, right?

SS: [chuckles] Let me see what I can do for you on that, after all I will be your house guest for a few days. Maybe I'll even drop my towel this time around.

MS: Wouldn't that be something. [laughs]

Now, you mentioned to me last month you did another film for Centaur?

SS: Yes, My newest film is Marine Crucible 2: Cocke and Loaded for Centaur Films, and it shows me topping for the first time on film since I shot Playing for Keeps in 2000.

MS: Wow! I thought you were strictly a bottom, and you have such a sweet looking&well, you know. And you have a pretty good sized& well& you know that, too.

SS: [laughing] Now you see how all those rumors get started. Thankfully that is good rumor that just happens to be true.

Later, Sean informed me via email that he can't wait to get on the plane and get back to the Pacific Northwest and entertain everyone with his exuberant performances at this year's Mr. Nude Seattle contest. More, with things drawing near I am excited to say there will be two porn stars at this year's event. Along with Sean, Damon Phoenix will also be back in Seattle this year. We also are happy to welcome back our fabulous emcees with their witty sense of humors, Latrina Bidet and Mark "Mom" Finley.

The Mr. Nude Seattle contest will be held on April 2, 2007. Until then, look for me and my group of promoters in the clubs throughout the coming weeks. Sean will be out and about with me the last weekend of March just before the actual event. Just remember, if one of us hands you a contestant application, that does not mean we want to date you. It just means that the City of Seattle wants to see you naked at the contest.

Okay, I admit it& I want to see you naked, too.

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