February 16, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 07
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Top products stand out at 2007 International Builder's Show
Top products stand out at 2007 International Builder's Show
Top products stand out at 2007 International Builder's Show Professional builders and contractors always look for anything that can make jobs easier and one good place to find them is the annual International Builder's Show in Orlando. With more than 105,000 contractors, remodelers, home improvers and even home owners attending along with over 1,600 exhibitors, the IBS is the place to go to see the latest innovations. While the show is for professionals, some of the products at the show can help weekend DIYers as well. Here are some you may want to check out.

TRUE BLUE, a line of levels and measuring tools, gets its name from the high degree of accuracy -- guaranteed to five-ten-thousandths of an inch -- and from the unique blue fluid, instead of traditional yellow, that fills the level vials. Blue bands on these precision instruments highlight the bubble to make "getting a good read" a snap in any lighting condition. Manufactured by Empire Level in Mukwonago, Wis., the TRUE BLUE line includes I-beam levels, box levels, torpedo levels, combination squares and jamb sets for installing doors. The tools are available at professional tool outlets nationwide and most home improvement retailers including: Home Depot, Menards and Sears. Prices range from $7.99 for a torpedo level to $150 for a 96-inch level, small prices to pay for consistent accuracy. For more information visit

Shurtape Razor Edge Gold Painter's Tape may be just the thing to make your next paint job easier and to get professional results. Sold through Sherwin-Williams and other fine paint stores, Shurtape Razor Edge Gold is an ultra-thin masking tape for creating crisp, sharp lines. It is ideal for painting stripes, diamonds and other patterns on walls. With a low-tack adhesive, it removes cleanly from delicate surfaces and protects primed or painted drywall or faux finishes. As the name implies, Razor Edge tape creates a crisp, sharp edge when it's removed. It costs a little more than traditional masking tape. For more information visit

Ever want to cut an arc or circle but you don't have the right saw? Well, the Arcusblade is a new type of saw blade that enables a straight-cutting circular saw to cut arcs and circles with ease. When used with the Arcus Blade Guide anyone can cut perfect circles in seconds, from 30 inches to 54 inches in diameter. It's great for cutting arched doorways or circular tables. Manufactured in Louisville, Ky., the Arcus System was invented by Barbara Robinson, who got the idea from, of all things, a dinner plate. The Arcus Blade and guide system are priced at around $20. Check the company's Web site at for the nearest dealer.

With people storing more "stuff" than ever before it seems only natural that someone would develop an in-home system to easily move that stuff around. Why pay monthly storage fees if you have space in your attic or above your garage? Byers Products Group of Oklahoma City has developed the VersaLift Attic Storage Lifting System. It's an electronic platform, controlled by a hand held remote, that easily lifts up to 200 pounds. It fits into the same hole as hide-away stairs and can help alleviate sore muscles from climbing up and down stairs to get Christmas decorations and other seasonal items. The VersaLift is available from garage door installers nationally and sells for around $1,395 installed. For more information visit

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