February 16, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 07
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IN LOVING MEMORY - Heather MacAllister
IN LOVING MEMORY - Heather MacAllister
Heather MacAllister died yesterday in Portland, Oregon, as a result of Ovarian Cancer. She was 38 years old.

Ms. MacAllister was the founder and artistic director of Big Burlesque and the Fat Bottom Revue, the first burlesque act exclusively featuring large-sized performers. Tours included New York, San Francisco, Canada, Los Angeles and various venues in the Midwest, east and west coasts

Aside from her career in the performing arts, Ms. MacAllister had a Degree in Anthropology and worked for many non-profit groups such as Triange Foundation, Michigan's statewide civil rights organization for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender population. She also committed a great deal of time to Antiracism training.

Ms. MacAllister was also an advocate for the Transgender population and also for the rights of large-sized people. She helped to inspire the anti-size discrimination law passed in San Francisco in June 2000. One of her proudest achievements was to help coordinate a summit that included mainstream conservative Muslim and Arab organizations at the same table as radical Gay rights organizations in order to show and share common cause in the civil rights offenses that occurred post 9/11. She also served on the board of Directors of Al-Fatiha the nations only national organization for sexual minority Muslims.

In 2005, Leonard Nimoy photographed Ms. MacAllister and her dance troupe for his exhibit "Maximum Beauty" which opened at the Bonni Benrubi gallery on 57th street in New York City.

Ms. MacAllister is survived by her Grandmother Doris Simion and her two sisters, Hope MacAllister and Holly Jones. Memorial services are taking place in New York, San Francisco, Portland and Michigan.

MacAllister had directed a scholarship be established for college students and those applying to college. To donate, make checks payable to Cullum & Sena Trust Account-Heather MacAllister" and send to: Carole Cullum, Cullum & Sena, 1390 Market St.,Suite 818, San Francisco, CA 94102. For credit card (mastercard or visa) donations, call 415-863-5300. Carole has made the commitment to match every donation up to $50 per person.

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